Children of Heaven

Published: 2021-09-02 21:50:14
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“Children of Heaven” made me realize how a simple plot/ story can be as heart-warming and inspiring as any other film available out there in the market. It doesn’t take an elaborate story with so many twists and turns to make a terrific film for everyone to appreciate. Although the movie has some parts which are heavily dramatic like the scene where Zahra was crying due to Ali losing her shoes, the movie still has a predominant light tone. The film makes the audience including myself feel sympathy towards the main characters – portrayed by Ali and Zahra, two siblings who sincerely care for each other.
This technique of touching the emotion of the audience is surely effective since it makes them want to go on and finish the film (as I did when the earlier mentioned scene was shone in the very beginning of the film). Captivating the audience, however, does not stop there. Including certain exciting and problematic moments in their life makes the story more interesting and natural. Examples of which are: the scene when the sneakers fell off Zahra’s foot then landed into the canals so she had to follow where the waters went to recover it and the scene when Ali was at the sprint race about to win when another boy bumped him off the course.
More than that, the film also brings the audience to capture the daily lifestyle and culture of the Iranian people (as this film was set in that country). Having a background of the characters helps me understand their values and way of thinking. Therefore, I could comprehend the film in an easier way since it has this characteristic. Capturing the realistic view of the world aided me in relating to the film even though I am foreign to the concept it was showing. Having so many values encompassed in the story, I have learned many things regarding determination, compassion and familial love.
These values were interspersed in the different scenes of the story. There were some in the beginning about familial love when both Ali and Zahra agreed that they share the sneakers since they attend school in separate shifts – a natural dramatic device for the story. Determination was clearly seen when Ali tried so hard in the race to win the rubber shoes. Compassion was evident in scenes when they took care of the sick neighbor and their mother. Using the typical backdrop and props (as I see it) made everything very earthly.
Nothing to fancy was used to show the social status of the family – it was not exaggerated. The objects to be found in the film were ordinarily available in the daily life of everyone. Also, the acting of the characters in the story was very natural. It almost looked like it is a life-story being told and not just a scripted one. I deem that the view of most people regarding those of Iranians will change after seeing this movie. Their genuine care for each other shows how much they appreciate those people and things around them.
This contradicts the stereotype given to them as those violent people of the Middle East. Moreover, the film serves as a heart warming meditation about real goodness in humanity – helping balance the negative prejudices that most people project towards Iranians especially nowadays. With all these to be found in the film, I can say that everyone is encouraged to watch it. Not only will they learn family values and self-discipline, the audience could also be inspired to live out their lives to the fullest in each day that passes.

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