Child Care Centers V. Family Care

Published: 2021-09-11 16:05:10
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To send your child to day-care or not to send your child to daycare: that is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to enjoy the comforts of family, or to leave your child with daycare professionals. Leaving a child with a family member or in a day care is a tough decision and has many differences that impact your child. There are many factors to consider before choosing between family care and daycare centers such as your budget, safety, social, and educational concerns.
Having a relative take care of your children will greatly benefit their development through the personalized attention they will receive. However, such attention would be absent at a day care center with a wide variety of age groups. Family members have a much stronger attachment to each other, while there is often a lack of direct interaction between children and day-care workers. This strong attachment is especially handy in emergency cases or unexpected changes where family is easy to contact, willing to accommodate, there to comfort your child.
Since most daycare centers have one-to-six ratio of workers to children, your child may not get the full attention they deserve or require. This may cause children to be neglected or bored, leading them to resort to misbehavior since they are not receiving and adult’s necessary attention. An additional disadvantage of daycare centers is that they are closed on holidays. This may cause inconvenient changes in your schedule. While family care comes with its own issues, day care is in no way problem free. For in many families, a big concern in making the decision between using a day-care provider or staying at home is the expense.
For the most part, family members tend to pay little or no money for services. The main benefit of using a family member to take care of your child is that relatives take care of the children in an act of love and often refuse to accept money. This way, childcare is considered to be a family bonding experience for free! Conversely, daycares can be very pricey. Although your child receives a social environment and an early education, daycare centers can sometimes be unaffordable.
According to doodledays. com, a esource for parents on child care matters, Californians pay $7,856 annually for a 4-year olds in child day care centers, whereas a 4-year old in family care would cost $6,596. Saving almost $ 1,300 is a big reason to utilize family care in our current economic crisis. Daycare centers are often exceptional at providing proper education and sanitation for your child. In regards to education, some families tend rely on T. V. as a substitution for real educational material, skills, and a strong intellectual foundation which is the basis for early learners. Often, family members might lack the skills and experience that day care workers have.
On the contrary, day care centers have trained staff that have a degree in child development and most importantly experience with children. Day care centers provide tools and activities that are age appropriate for your child to enhance different skills. The second factor, sanitation, is sometimes poorly handled by families. Messy or dirty habits of family members can cause your children to become sick or weaken their immune systems. Instead, day care centers are required to have sanitary facilities. Day care providers even have health policies that ask parents to keep their sick children at home to protect other children.
Not only are daycare centers clean but, they also provide a safe-social environment for your child that relatives may not have. A relative’s house may be dangerous for your child because she may have antiques, expensive or household items lying around or in reach of your child. Daycare centers were designed to have a child- safe environment that keeps hazardous material away from children. Another great aspect of daycare centers is the availability of a social background that encourages children to converse and has an established character building program learn new words.
While daycare centers can provide your child with an educational environment in a clean setting, they can also leave your child without any necessary interaction costing you upwards of one thousand dollars. Family care, while much cheaper, can leave your child without the important structure of a day care center that is able to prepare them for school. Truthfully, the choice is based on your family’s and your extended family’s experience looking after children as well as on the reputation of the day care centers in the area. By weighing the advantages of both options, you shall determine what is best for your child.

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