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In my own setting a relationship with the carers is sustained by making them feel welcome in the setting, carers should be greeted by their name and practitioners wearing name badges could help so new staff will know who they are or a notice board with all staff pictures and information about their role.
To develop and sustain partnership with carers the following could help: Valuing diverse family backgrounds- lots of different types of families love and care for children correctly by letting the parent come into the class in the morning while they drop their child off to give them the chance to see their child play and to have the chance to talk to the staff about their child and anything they think the staff will need to know. The staff are very welcoming and always talking to the parents about how their child is getting on with their learning and needs.
Photos are also taking to for the children doing art work or anything they are doing and are sent home to the parents so they feel that they have a insight in what their child gets up to in the setting. t is everyone responsibility to make sure the children are safe. Its the manager that is responsible for any equipment that is broke is repaired and meets the safety requirements. For every setting that has children under 16 years old for more than two hours a day need to follow Ofsted’s standards these will include. Safe play equipment that needs to be checked by the manager so that no harm is done if its broke.
If it is broke the manager will then get it fixed. clean and well maintained- To make sure all surfaces, toilets, kitchen, garden and all play areas are clean and cleaned with the right cleaning material Outdoor and indoor work surfaces be stable. There should be regular fire drills so that everyone knows what to do. Smoke alarms should be regularly checked. If there’s any fires there should be a fire guard in front of it and any radiators should have radiator cover over them. There has to be room temperatures for every room children are in 15- 18c and babies room should be 20- 22c its important not to have the room to cold or to hot.
To have the right supply of drinking water, hot and cold. every setting the right ratio of adults to children. Need to have a safe supply of gas and electricity. All access points need to clear and keep unlocked at all times. all areas need to be well lit for ensure everyone can see properly. child safety plugs in all plug points. Needs to have the right insurance. Childeren over the age of 2 that are founded need to regulated by ofsted and the eyfs. Ofsted infulance how a nursery settings is operated

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