Characters in Frankenstein

Published: 2021-07-20 10:20:05
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Victor’s selfishness where he is consumed only in the suffering which affects him. Even despite the Monster’s eloquence and sensitivity, Victor’s superficiality causes him to disregard the Monster altogether. fVictor Frankenstein feels tremendously guilty over Justine’s death, and tortures himself endlessly over it. He feels in some ways that Justine’s murder is the worse of the two he is responsible for (“the other far more dreadfully murdered “(57)) and later, while sick and incarcerated in Ireland, calls himself “the murderer of William and Justine” (138).
He feels that he suffers worse from Justine’s fate than Justine herself, because she had innocence to sustain her, and also a swift death. That his wanton experimenting brought such a tragedy to bear, even indirectly, is a failure to him of such magnitude that he can scarcely comprehend, and directly informs on his decision not to make a companion for the creature, fearing to bring more beings that are potentially capable of such an act into the world.
Justine’s death therefore resonates significantly throughout the rest of the novel, marking her as an important minor character. Victor wallows in guilt because he knows it is the Creature who has killed William and that he is responsible for Justine’s fate. Though overcome with feelings of guilt, Victor recognizes the futility of revealing the truth, and allows Justine to take the blame. Although Elizabeth is unaware of the actual circumstances of William’s murder, she astutely blames the justice system for its misguided reasons for the execution of the innocent Justine.
The main source for blame is the guilty Creature who frames Justine, symbolically punishing her as a representative of all of the “guilty” women who will never love him. The Creature explains how and why he framed Justine for the murder: 1. c) My final judgement of Walton is that he seems to have an oddly high regard of Victor. I find it difficult to believe why he admires Victor as to me he is self-seeking and shows little concern for anyone but himself. 2. a) The function of Justine and the accusation that she committed the murder of William highlights Victor’s selfishness.
This is evident when he enters into a state of depression and guilt as he knows he is responsible for Justine’s wrongly accused execution; however he makes the circumstance resolve around himself. “quote about how he’s the one who feels the most pain” Justine’s character function shows that both Victor and the Monster possess flaws of immorality. Their rash decisions are dealt with after Justine’s execution. b) William’s character serves as a plot device for the Monster expressing its frustration towards Victor who completely disregards and takes no responsibility for his creation against Nature.
The Monster’s retaliation of not being accepted is to kill Victor’s brother, William. c) The function of Elizabeth’s character and her closeness with Victor justifies to some extent the Monster’s desire to have a female companion of his own. Victor’s feelings towards Elizabeth are emphasised through her beautiful physical appearance. Victor’s regard for Elizabeth is as though he owns her. In contrast, Victor wants nothing to do with the Monster because of its seemingly horrendous manner as Victor sees it.
Clerval’s function as a character highlights his friendship and bond with Victor, demonstrating the need of companionship and connection desired by humans. This need is appeared essential as the Monster who has no companion to bond with, desperately seeks compassion from the most important person in his life, his creator. This juxtaposition between Clerval’s friendship with Victor and the Monster’s isolation from being able to connect to someone displays a crucial aspect of humanity – the need to form relationships.

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