Chapter 2 Guided Questions

Published: 2021-08-31 22:15:11
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What is the name of David’s community? Who built it? What position does his family hold because of this? The name of David’s community is Waknuk. It was built by Elias Strorm, David’s grandfather. Since David’s family made the community, they hold the highest position in making the rules and orders of the community. 2. What are the two books that are left to form the society? What kind of society have they created? The two books left to form the society are the Bible and Nicholson’s Repentances.
These two books have determined and shaped almost every aspect of the community, making it a religiously strict area. 3. What kind of man is David’s father? In what ways is Joseph Strorm similar to and different form his father? David’s father, Joseph Strorm is a dangerous, self-righteous man. He is usually capable of operating outside the law in his fight to clear out deviations because of his high authority. 4. Describe the farm David lives on.
The farm David lives on is described as “constructed on a frame of solid, roughly-dressed timbers, but, since it was the oldest house there, most of the spaces in the outer walls had been filled in with bricks and stones from the ruins of some of the Old People’s buildings, and plastered wattle was used only for the internal walls. ” 5. There are all kinds of religious slogans on the walls of the rooms in David’s house. What do they all deal with? Why is Joseph Strorm so preoccupied with Offences and Deviations?
Why is he afraid of them? Why is he so angry when his neighbours are less strict? What do you think is the cause of all the Offences and Deviations? The slogans on the walls of the rooms in David’s house all relate to Offences and Blasphemies. Joseph Storm is so preoccupied with Deviations and Offences because his mission is to clear them all out since he believes they are not “in the True Image of God”. He becomes angry when his neighbours are less strict because he is so close minded, he finds only one solution to the problem. . How does the landscape change when one moves south to south-west from Waknuk? What happens to a person who moves all the way into the Badlands? Why would that be so? What do you think is the cause of all this? When you move south to south-west from Waknuk, the landscape begins to grow erratic and become less appealing compared to Waknuk, a civilized community. A person who moves all the way into the Badlands is believed to never come back and possibly die.
It is believed that people were killed by the people that resided there or if they came back, they would not survive very long. This may indicate that it wasn’t a place for people to survive and it may have harsh conditions. 7. Who lives in the “Fringes”? Why have they become a problem lately? What is the government doing about it? In the Fringes region live the Fringes people. They appear to be normal and ordinary people, but they are deviations in the eyes of the Waknuk community since they define a human being through the Definition of Man in its literal sense.
They have become a problem lately because of the shortage of essentials to survive and therefore have come out of their regions to seek for their necessities. This often meant that they would steal anything in sight, possibly food, clothing and in some rare cases, children. 8. In what ways is Angus Morton different from Joseph Strorm? Angus Morton and Joseph Strorm always fought about deviations. However, when it came to differences, Morton always had more common sense and an open mind while Joseph was staunch-minded and violent.

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