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Published: 2021-07-29 10:10:06
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Draw a labelled diagram of a prokaryotic cell as seen in electron micrographs. (Total 6 marks) Explain the various methods cells use to transport materials across membranes. Total 8 marks) The key below can be used to identify some of the structures in the cytoplasm of liver cells. Which structures are ribosomes? 1. Enclosed in a membranego to 2 Not enclosed in a membranego to 3 2. Diameter less than 100 nmA. Diameter greater than 100 nmB. 3. Composed of one globular structureC. Composed of two sub-unitsD. (Total 1 mark) The diagram below shows which areas on the surface of a protein are composed of hydrophobic amino acids and which areas of hydrophilic amino acids. Where in a cell would the protein be located? A. In a nuclear pore B.

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