Cell phones How have they changed us socially?

Published: 2021-07-04 08:45:04
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Individuals should have the option to use physician assisted suicide to end a terminal illness. Because of the harmful nature of their products, the tobacco industry should subsidize public health care. Tobacco companies should be prevented from using advertising tactics that target teenagers. Smoking in public places endangers the lives of non-smokers and should be prohibited. Random drug testing of student athletes reduces drug use among teenagers. Amateur sports organizations (schools, Olympics) should prohibit all performance enhancing drugs.
Legalizing marijuana would substantially reduce the costs of administering the criminal justice system. The U. S. government should acknowledge its failure in the “War on Drugs” and offer alternative approaches to preventing harm to citizens caused by illegal drug use. Other countries should cooperate with the US in order to reduce drug trafficking. Removing the motto “In God We Trust” from US currency will further strengthen the wall of separation between Church and State. Sure, schools should teach about the Christian creation of the world.
They should just do it in a comparative religion class. Organized prayer is beneficial for students and should be allowed in schools. People who join cults are just looking for answers and spiritual guidance. Leave them alone. The federal government should amend the United States Constitution to include the Equal Rights Amendment. Gays and lesbians should be legally protected from hate crimes. Gays and lesbians should not be able to get married. Individuals should have the right to remove books from public and schools libraries if they feel the books should not be read.
Public and school libraries that offer internet access should be required to use web blocking software, to filter out offensive sites. Rock and rap music and videos are too violent and explicit, and should be censored. Schools should be able to impose dress codes or uniforms on students. Schools should eliminate bilingual education, in favor of an English only approach. Both girls and boys would benefit from single-sex education. More should be done to combat plagiarism in high schools and colleges. Setting daytime curfews for teenagers is a reasonable way to keep students in school.
Night and passenger restrictions on Oregon’s teenage drivers are uneccessary. The Oregon drivers license restrictions for teenage drivers will help to prevent unnecessary injury and death caused by traffic accidents. Unhealthy body image in teenagers is caused by over-representation of underweight fashion models and other entertainment figures in the media. Granting amnesty to Illegal aliens will not solve the problem of mass illegal immigration. Juvenile criminals should be tried as adults. The use of mandatory minimum sentences for specific crimes does not effectively deter crime.
Prisons in the United States exist primarily to educate and rehabilitate criminals. Capital Punishment is an effective deterrent for capital crimes. Parents in the US should be held financially and legally responsible for the crimes of their minor children. Affirmative action is a reasonable method of ensuring fair treatment of minorities in schools and work. Racial profiling unfairly discriminates against people of color in America, and should be stopped. Exposure to violence in the media (TV, movies, videogames) desensitizes children to real life violence.
Incidents of police brutality and corruption will decrease if citizen complaints are investigated by external agencies. Corporations should be required to clean up any industrial waste or pollution they make. Individuals should give up their reasonable expectations of privacy so the government can ferret out potential terrorists. Requiring national identification cards is an unreasonable response to the terrorism of September 11. Local governments should be able to use video surveillance as a tool to help deter crime. Wiretapping US citizens should be one of many ways the US government keeps us safe from terrorists.
America would be a safer place if private citizens were not allowed to own firearms. The United States should not engage in biological or chemical warfare under any circumstances. Unless the issues of AIDS in Africa are addressed, the number of orphans will increase. Women’s privacy rights should include the right to abortion. Teenage girls who have babies are less likely to complete high school and more likely to live in poverty. The use of condoms is a reasonable method to prevent pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted diseases. Teen age boys should have an equal responsibility for teenage pregnancies.
Pregnant women who use illicit drugs should be held criminally responsible. Emergency contraception is a valid method of preventing unintended pregnancy. The U. S. should immediately cease testing consumer products on animals. With humane treatment, it is not unethical to use animals for experiments which could lead to treatments or cures for human diseases. Raising chickens and other animals in factory farms is cruel and should be abolished. Science Issues Human Biology The effects of hormone disrupting chemicals (endocrine disrupters) in humans are exaggerated. Embryonic stem cell research should be funded by the government.
Umbilical cord blood banking is a reasonable way for ordinary citizens to cure disease. Human cloning will be of great medical benefit to society. Overuse, and improper use of antibiotic drugs has caused a crisis in treating bacterial diseases. The use of antiviral drugs is a reasonable response to a potential avian flu pandemic. Patients in Oregon should have the option to use marijuana for medical purposes. Environment The key to understanding most environmental issues is overpopulation. Human activity on earth has substantially contributed to global climate change.
The federal government should make more laws designed to conserve endangered species. Hunting is a basic American right and we should be able to hunt for sport or subsistence. Dams should be breached to benefit the life cycle of salmon and prevent extinction. Monocultural farming is responsible for the loss of agricultural biodiversity. In order to reverse the spread of invasive species, plant only native species in yards and gardens. The economic benefits of clear-cutting are outweighed by the potential environmental harm to the land. Reversing desertification in the world’s arid lands should be an environmental priority.
The best way to prevent and manage wildfires is to selectively log out old growth timber. One way to solve the problem of world hunger is through the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Foods incorporating GMOs should be labeled. The fluid of concern in the 21st century will be water, not oil. In order to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil, the government should compel companies to develop alternative sources of fuel. The government should subsidize companies that research and develop alternative energy sources. Radioactive and nuclear wastes: if not Yucca Mountain, where? Top Links accurate as of 10-16-12

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