Causes of cheating in School

Published: 2021-07-10 06:55:05
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Students always think that getting into an easy career may be by cheating in school. What they do not think of is that it is just cheating your way into a lie without any knowledge. Without any knowledge a student gets into a false situation without a clue on what to do. Laziness is one way as well that leads to cheating. As in many internet sites with easy answers to get the job done but get caught very easy. It is always very important to be honest and do your work, job, etc with honesty. Causes of cheating in school
Honesty is not just expected in school yet in general. A person that is never honest leads to them cheating in school. As this happens more than once each day, it then starts to happen more than once per student while they are attending school or while working online as well. Honesty should be one of the main rules in life for everyone and should be followed. In order to avoid cheating in school, it is necessary to understand what causes the situation. Laziness is not the answer One cause of cheating in school is laziness within students.
With laziness students decide to do the assignments the easy way. A simple way may be to copy another students work or simply paraphrase the other students work. This step does not help either of the students nor do they get far. Laziness should not be a choice within the ground or rules, nor should anyone take the route with laziness. Amount of open sources Another cause of cheating in school is the amount of open sources to the students. With all the open sources such as the internet, books, articles, and previous completed assignments it is very easy to get a passing grade.
As Ryan (2013) notes, “But the important thing to remember is that you’re not determining guilt or innocence, said Ryan, former chairman of the state Polygraph Examiners Board. “You’re determining whether they’re being truthful or attempting deception. … There’s a difference. ” With that being said, Its best to always do your job as to being honest from where you get all your information for an assignment. Easy sources do not mean easy careers. Competition within students Lastly, cheating in school is caused by the competition between students to look higher in academic grade than other students.
Being in a higher academic grade a student may look “smarter” yet are cheating the way into the look. Professors and instructors may see some situations that a student may be very nervous about a certain assignment a day before a huge essay is due, yet the next day the work turned in is exactly what another student has turned in. As Alfie Kohn (2008) explains in his article, “Because competition, a relentless focus on achievement, and bad pedagogy aren’t new, it stands to reason that cheating isn’t exactly a recent development either.
Competition and cheating should not be a trend for students. Conclusion In summary, students should be very thoughtful and let their minds do all the thinking. As using the internet, it should only be used as a help not the quick answer to a false career. Laziness, the many open sources, and competition should not be the answer to a great career. Avoiding cheating in school will make you a better person, a better person for the future. References

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