Causes for the Popularity of Fast Food Restaurants

Published: 2021-07-09 02:20:05
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In this modern lifestyle the popularity of fast food restaurants are growing every day. Fast food restaurants have appeared in large quantities all over the world and these restaurants have become more popular, because fast food can be prepared and served very fast. Jessica Williams (2007, p. 216) finds that “Fast food restaurants were firstly appeared in Unites States in the 1940s. Today there are hundreds of thousands of them. According to Eric Schlosser in his book, Fast Food Nation, the amount of money Americans spent on fast food went from $6 billion in 1970 to more than $100 billion in the late 1990s.
Twenty five percent of the population eats at a fast food restaurant every day. Although fast food started in the United States, it has spread across the world and its popularity is growing day by day. ” The variety of people, especially adults and young people prefer to eat fast food from restaurants than home cooked food. There are numerous reasons for the popularity of fast food restaurants among which most important reasons are that they are inexpensive and easily available in various taste and varieties. This essay attempts to explain about the various causes for the popularity of fast food restaurants.
This essay will explain three main causes for the popularity of fast food restaurants. These three main causes are: fast foods are inexpensive, fast foods are available in various tastes and varieties, and it is a way of socializing with friends and family. One of the most significant reasons for the popularity of fast food restaurants is that, fast foods are inexpensive. Fast food is cheap because the production is streamlined; means fast food can be produce in huge bulk, so that the quality becomes uniform and satisfy huge demand. In addition to that, the cost of the ingredients of fast food is cheaper than whole meal food.
Emil Brindal (April 2010, p. 17-18) stated that most people consume fast food because of convenience factor. Many people are constantly busy with their routine life; they do not have time to prepare good food at home between their busy schedules. For these people fast food restaurants becomes one of the source for satisfy their hunger at any time. Fast food restaurants are convenient for most of the people. Besides that, fast food restaurants can be found near to the most of the public places. So no one needs to waste the time to search for food when they get hungry.
Nowadays people can also order fast food by calling a restaurant and acquiring free home delivery, by that way they can save time as well as money. For example, students have generally limited pocket money and they tend to spend their money carefully. Thus this situation makes them to eat fast food because it is more affordable for them. Thus the cheapness of fast food becomes one of the leading causes of its popularity. Fast foods are easily available in various taste and varieties that is the other cause for the popularity of fast food restaurants.
According to (Ritzer,2002) the most popular fast food restaurants such as McDonald, KFC and Burger King provides kids menu, special limited offer with games which make their customer very happy and comfortable with their menu options. Some restaurants put the cartoons and games in the restaurants to attract the children. They also make designs over the food and catch the attention of the children to buy that food. The taste of fast food is delicious so that all the people attract towards it. It also satisfies the hunger very quickly. Nowadays we can get various types of fast food in restaurants.
We can see the various fast food restaurants worldwide. The taste food items remain same in each store and in each country. For example, fries are available at each fast food restaurant and they having the same taste because the procedure for making that and ingredients that they have used for food are remain same. Fast food cannot easily prepared at home but can also be ordered from fast food restaurants which usually have special offers and deals available to make it cheaper or more cost effective. Some fast food restaurants are opened for 24 hours so that become beneficial for hungry people after midnight.
They also maintain hygiene for satisfy the customer and their reputation. Another reason for popularity of fast food restaurant is that it is a way of socializing with friends and family. Nowadays fast food restaurant become a place for the social functions. Fast food is becoming more popular in kids and even in aged people. Everyone grab the chance to enjoy the fast food in every moment of happiness. people can get relax by eating fast food or junk food and can spend some moments with family and friends in fast food restaurant. Advertisements of fast food restaurants in television also grab the attention of people as well as children.
Sometimes fast food restaurant also become a place for the celebration of birthdays, anniversaries and many more events. In conclusion, the popularity of fast food restaurants in this leading age is rising day by day. People can satisfy their hunger during their busy days with fast food very quickly by having their favorite food. They can get fast food items for a cheaper price. Cheap food is struggle for many to achieve in today’s society. Most fast food restaurants even have a dollar menu. So by that way people can buy fast food in reasonable price.
In my opinion, people should be aware about their health and fitness. Fast food contain high calorie. According to USDA (2010) Dietary Guideline for Americans, by eating high calorie content food create nutrition deficiency along with weight gain. Fast food also contain high amount of cholesterol and salts which is responsible for cardio vascular health problems. Thus fast food products have many disadvantages though they are popular and sometimes it becomes a cause for various diseases related to heart and obesity. So that people should eat fast food in their regular diet as less as they can.

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