Cause and Effect

Published: 2021-10-07 05:05:13
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The cause and effect essay will be based on the cause and effects on the lack of exercise on your body. In order to be healthy you must have good social, physical and mental health. Exercise affects each one of these aspects of your health in one way or another. The more you exercise the better your overall health gets. In order to maximize your effects of exercise on your overall health you must exercise daily.
See the effects that exercise have on each aspect of your overall health are proven over and over again countless times. When you exercise, your body is in a better healthier state because your muscles get proper blood circulation. The more your blood circulates in your body the better your mental health becomes due to increased oxygen. So when your brain has more increased oxygen you have an increased mental state making you more mentally aware of your surroundings. Having increased mental awareness is because you have less stress involved with your life.
The pressures of an increased work load seem less affected due to the acute mental awareness. As you exercise you are releasing built up stresses. This release of stress helps you relax and feel more focused. So with your increase focus, you are more able to complete more tasks or other things that require more complex thinking. Just as you feel more relaxed while exercising you are able to think more precise, which is the reason you are considered more of a social aficionado. The more you are able to function in social life due to the increase in exercise.
As you exercise you are more capable to do things with other people. The more you socialize with other people the more you are able to function in a group or other aspects of social interaction. You can form stronger relationship bonds with other in shape people, which in turn makes you feel more secure about yourself as well as secure with your surroundings. So as you can see that when you exercise it affects not only your social life it also affects your mental, and physical health.
So as you have an increase mental physical and social health there really is no second thought as to the cause and effects that exercising create. To me, this cause and effect has more than just a personal affect. As the healthier you are the healthier your entire family can become. Therefore, as you live healthy, your life becomes a model for everyone to follow. This culminates with a longer lasting life and less stressful environment. Take my word the more you exercise the healthier you become.

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