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Published: 2021-06-26 06:35:04
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Catering Services Owners. The study will give them opportunity to give what they had experienced in putting up he business so that others will be given opportunity to study the consequences they are facing and avoid the possible problem it may brought in the future. •Future Entrepreneurs. The findings of the study will help them a lot in studying the possible consequences and factors in putting up catering services so that they can assess freely and when they decide to put up a business like catering services they will exactly know what they should do.
The Hotel and Restaurant Management Students. The study which will be the output of this study could be of great help to HRIM students because it will allow them to learn and review the different procedures in catering services. It can be used as a reference in their studies regarding catering service to provide them a vital information and better understanding and equip them with knowledge.
Customers. This study will help the costumers to understand the operation and enable them to evaluate or asses the problems encountered in catering services. •The Researchers. Through this study, they will have an effective way of show casing what they have learned and come up with an output, in the form of making a research study that would be of benefit to others.
This study will also this study will serve as background and added information on how to establish a successful start in a catering services business, this study will also enable the researcher to be more resourceful and studious in the field of this study. Scope and Limitations of the Study This study entitled “Success Indicators among Catering Services in Cavite City” will cover the different experiences of selected owners of catering services in Cavite City. Their experiences and suggestions will be used and help a lot of future entrepreneurs in putting same business.
Descriptive methods of research will be used in the study and a total of ten (10) Catering Services owners will be involved as respondents to this study, and they are Chat’s Catering, Dapsy Catering, Mark Pintados Catering Services, Lynagails Catering, Jukemi Restaurant and Catering Services, Eugenelyn’s Catering Services, Flower and Bees Catering Services, RM Catering Services, S’ymor Food House and Catering Services and P-enoys Catering which will be chosen by the researchers thru convenience sampling.

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