Case Study of Harry Potter

Published: 2021-08-15 07:15:07
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Explain why you think that Harry Potter series of books have been so successful. Harry Potter series of books was successful because of its different concept. It has a lot of fantasy in it which is loved by young and adults too. The writer has strong writing skills which was a key factor of its success. The feasibility level of the story was high. People were curious to know what would happen in next after reading of the first novel. 2. Explain how a new book has three aspects of a product (concept, package and process).
A new book has three aspects of a product which are its concept, package and its process. The plot of the story is important on which the whole story depends, which is its main idea also. A new book covers a package by its appearance, weight, jacket design, page quality, and series of books, movie, t shirts and other related goods. A new covers a whole process from its manuscript to its publication and then to its readers. 3. How can publishers exploit writers? Publishers exploit writers in many ways. Some are described here.
Like they exploit writers by not publishing their books. For publishers, the writer should be well known because people like to read the novels of well known authors. So, most of the time they are not willing to publish the content by a new writer. If an author’s looks and his personality are not attractive then a publisher can refuse to publish his/her book. A publisher’s agent is present which conveys the message and material of author to the publisher. If agent conveys wrong perceptions about the author to the publisher, then publisher can also reject the author. . Explain the role of the jacket design. The jacket design should be self explanatory. It should also be attractive and appealing to the readers and urges them to read the whole book. 5. What influence have supermarkets had on book publishing and retailing. Supermarkets have a great influence on book publishing and retailing. It is because of supermarkets that the books of the writer’s sales so fast because if the book of the writer is placed on the first shelf then it would capture the attention of the people and the people would like to read it. . How can small independent publishers compete with the large internationals? The small independent publishers can compete with the large internationals by finding new talent and giving chance to new writers also. Through research and development in publishing. By providing wide variety of innovative and good books. By keeping that book which has the highest rating in sales. 7. What has been the rationale of publishing in hardback one year prior to paperback?
It was argued that to taken a book seriously it needs to be published in hard back, in the past. Hardback format is slightly more upper market than paperback and it was considered that the hardback format was more prestigious and valuable. 8. Explain the modern publishing dilemma. The modern publishing dilemma is that the old publishers are not willing to give any chance to new authors. New innovative ideas are very few which an alarming situation is for authors and the publishing industry.

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