Can Management Afford to Look the Other Way?

Published: 2021-09-14 22:55:08
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First of all as a manager, in other to achieve high performance and growth in your job you must be able to use the four functions of management which are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. As well as being able to attain the organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner. Ignoring the problem of Jacob’s behavior in the work place will gradually drive way other good employees that contribute to the company success. Secondly, Jacob’s behavior could bring about law-sue that could affect the company.
Because the leadership of the company knows very well about his sexual harassment conducts and did not do anything to protect the other employees. The president of this company does have a problem of leadership as well. He allows the issues such as Jacobs’s mistreatment of subordinates and sexual harassment goes on without taken some strong disciplinary action on Jacobs during these ten years. There should be a total change of management with in this company in other to excel.
Leadership is dispersed throughout the organization from my opinion. If I am Harry Rull, First, I would launch a full-scale investigation of employee complaints about Jacobs, and make Jacobs aware that the documented history over the past ten years has put him on thin ice. Every documented complaints about Jacobs will be looked at and address. As much as Jacobs is an assist to the company so are the other employees. In other for an organization to be great and successful there have to be a set rules that governs the company and its employee.
Harry Rull should ask himself; do I want to work in a place where I am sexually harassed and mistreated? I guess not, therefore by implementing the investigation could bring some relief and changes that could lead to a safe work place for every employees and the company. Second, if I was Harry Rull, I would meet with Jacobs and the other employee to try to resolve the current issue. As a manager you are a leader and good leader take care of his people and solved problems.
By meeting with both parties to resolve the issue is a better start in this situation. As I mention before, in other for an organization to be successful there have to be set rules and policies that protect the company and its employees. Harry Rull should start working with Sally Barton and other senior managers to develop stronger policies regarding sexual harassment and treatment of employees, including clear-cut procedures for handling complaints. In that way, situation like this will be handled the appropriate way in the future of the company.

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