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Published: 2021-07-08 21:50:06
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This course provides participants with the opportunity to analyse and discuss a wide range of ethical issues that confront individual managers and corporations in the United States and other countries. Instruction is based on the case method. Participants are required to offer personal appraisals of the issues discussed in class. Topics raised include gender in the workplace, marketing and morality, ethics of whistle-blowing, honesty and norms of competition, global business ethics, global business responsibilities, ethics in the financial marketplace, ethics of corporate responsibility, and managing an ethical corporation.
I. INTRODUCTION Plato, “The Ring of Gyges,” The Republic. David Vogel, “Business Ethics: New Perspectives on Old Problems,” California Management Review, Joseph Badaracco, Jr. and Allen Webb, “Business Ethics: A View from the Trenches,” California Management Review, James Krohe, Jr. , “Ethics are Nice, but Business is Business,” Across the Board, Case: Conflict on a Trading Floor, Harvard Business School Case, S-394-194. II. PERSONAL VALUES AND BUSINESS DECISIONS Cases: Ann Hopkins (A), Harvard Business Case, 9-391-155. Kathryn McNeil (A), Harvard Business Case, 9-394-111.
The Analyst’s Dilemma (A), Harvard Business School Case, 9-394-056. I. COMPETING IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY: BRIBERY Cases: Changmai Corp. , INSEAD Euro-Asia Centre. Pg. 111. “Bentley Italia. ” Pg. 119. John Seeger, The Project at Moza Island (A), Ethics in Business. Graduate School of Business, Columbia University. Supplementary Readings: “Stop the Rot,” “A Global War Against Bribery,” Economist, Mary Midgley, “Trying Out One’s Sword,” Heart and Mind, II. CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY Cases: Norman Howie & Stefanie Lenway, “H. B. Fuller in Honduras”.
Soccer balls made for children by children? Child labor in Pakistan, INSEAD, “Westwood, Inc. ”, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University. “The Quandary at Puredrug. ” Supplementary Readings: “Street Children Sniff Solvents to Forget How Hungry They Are,” San Francisco Chronicle, Diana Hendriques, “Black Mark for a ‘Good Citizen’,” NYT, Robert Haas, “Ethics in the Trenches,” Across the Board, Debora Spar, “The Spotlight and the Bottom Line,” Foreign Affairs, Bernstein, “Sweatshop Reform: How to Resolve the Standoff,” Business Week, V.
CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY/ PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES Cases: “Royal Dutch/ Shell in Nigeria” (A) Harvard Business School Case, 9-399-126. Pg. 183. “Merck and Co. Inc. ” (A) & (B). The Business Enterprise Trust, 90-013 and 014. Supplementary Readings: Milton Friedman, “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase Its Profits,” Harvard Business Review. John Kay, “Honesty is Not the Best Policy,” Across the Board, James Krohe, Jr. , “The Big Business of Business Ethics,” Across the Board, Ronald Bereheim, “An Outbreak of Ethics,” Across the Board,

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