Burying the White Gods

Published: 2021-10-08 09:25:15
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“Burying the White Gods: New Perspectives on the Conquest of Mexico,” by Camilla Townsend, hits the points of why the Native Americans were submissive to the Spaniards. The thesis, in short, says that the Native Americans were not exactly conquered by the conquistadors. Instead, they thought the Cortes was a god, Quetzalcoatl. This in no way indicates the development, or lack thereof, in the Aztec society. The Aztecs invited the conquistadors into their society as gods; they were not conquered, per say, because of the Spain being unbearable.
The first argument states that without such a misunderstanding how could a handful of Spaniards conquer the great Aztec state. The only way these so called mighty conquerors could have pulled off this unbelievable conquest is that the Aztecs were fooled in the worst way. The Aztecs fell victim to their devoutness and calendric coincidence and that could be the only reason that the mighty Aztec s feel to the quite lucky Spaniards. If the Aztecs had not been confused by the major coincidences, they could have blew the Spaniards off like other Native American tribes, like the South Sea Islanders did with Captain Cook.
Cortes just happened to be in good fortune to land on Aztec soil at this time. Another point of confusion for the Aztecs was that their god, , Quetzalcoatl, went away and was to return from the east. The Spaniards, sailing in from the east, had vast variety of technological advantages. The Aztecs confused Cortes and his crew as elites because they were in a way better equipped in all ways. This still should not knock the intellect of the Aztecs. The extremely accurate calendars and agricultural genius are just two examples of the actual intellect of the Aztecs.
The Spaniards did not outsmart the Aztecs; they, per say, were outsmarted by coincidence and their own intellect. I agree with the points of the article. The Aztecs were entangled in a mass of coincidences that led to the conquering of their great society. The Aztecs could have blown off the Aztecs, as other societies had, but were cornered into their submission thanks to their devoutness in their god, Quetzalcoatl. This, in turn, does not knock the intellect of the Aztecs in anyway; their intellect is still be factored into our world today. Bibliography Townsend Camilla. Burying the White Gods: New Perspectives on the Conquest of Mexico

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