Bullying and Exactly Scapegoating Looks

Published: 2021-09-13 18:40:10
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For centuries scapegoating has exist, as a society we use it in order to blame somebody else for our own mistakes it is also seen as a human habit. Scapegoating has been as an escape form for human beings, when something bad happens, society look for a person or victim to blame on, instead of them to be blamed. As people we discard the idea to be blamed, therefore we adopt scapegoating as a habit, unfortunately as humans it is very hard to accept our own mistakes.
When we blamed someone else for our own misfortunes, the only thing we have in consideration, is the idea of not be blamed, but we never think on the consequences that the person would have to pass thorough. A lot of people might think that scapegoating doesn’t exist anymore or that we as a society don’t apply it more often, but suddenly we use it unconsciously, because it has become as an instinct. Throughout the time society have been used as scapegoats at least once, or have adopted this technique in order to distance themselves from their mistakes.
Scapegoating has existed for centuries within our society, it might change as we have progressed through the time, but it’s still the same concept. Scapegoating is also described or announce even in the bible, according to Leviticus xvi, which describes a how scapegoating comes from. This passage of the bible narrates that scapegoat was adopted and created by Israelite, not a modification of pre-Israelite, focusing on the biblical occasion when Joseph’s brothers seek forgiveness for their offence against Joseph; thereby they were to be transferred to the beast for their own wrongdoing.
The Origin of the Scapegoating Ritual). On the other hand another biblical statement shows that scapegoat is also derived from the old testament in which “Old Testament practice in which the high priest lays his hands upon a goat that is chosen by lot and, under the belief that the guilt of the people has been transferred to the goat, he turns the goat loose in the wilderness. Subsequently, the notion was broadened to include human beings who had been banished from their communities” (Mellema, Gregory) this quote clearly states how since the very begging of life we make someone else pay or our own mistakes in order to clean up our errors.
However, scapegoating has been throughout the human existence, because it is more easy for people to accuse somebody else than to accept our own misfortunes. As for example we used this term in order for us to not be blamed, because we are afraid of the consequences that this could have or for different reasons as for example our motives, the injustice of our accusations, etc. Therefore we have been adopting this term of scapegoating that has become as part of human nature, better said as a habit for us.
This is such as horrible habit, because we just apply it, we never think on that person that we used as the scapegoat, we never think on their suffrage. This term is also reflecting our selfishness as persons, we only demonstrate how cruel how we get to be. Moreover, we have talked about the reasons and why do we have applied scapegoat for centuries but we have never talked about the consequences. However people who has been as a victim get to have a lot of traumas.
As for example some consequences could be, the person feels very insecure of themselves. People with insecurities tend to instantaneously put themselves as victims. They also consider themselves as worthless and, that everything that happens to them is a consequence of their actions when it isn’t. Depression is another outcome from scapegoating, as the person affected passes through this cruel process, their self-esteem gets very low and here is when depression interferes making them more suitable for scapegoating.
When we put ourselves on the side of the harasser, we never think on this, we just become miserable towards the victim, but everything would be different if instead of being the harasser, we put ourselves as the victims, everything would be a lot different, as far as scapegoating could be stopped. It could be stopped because people now would suffer the consequences, and obviously they would know that it is tremendously unjust. Who were the victims of the past and who are the scapegoats now days? People had always sought for someone else to be punished back and now days.
As for example back in the time the Jews people were blamed because of the Black Death in Europe, or kids that were brutally weep for the misdeeds of child kings. This are only a few example of how as a society, always pick on weak people, or people that had have problems before. This only proves that as a society we haven’t improved much. Now days as a country, we elude from our problems in other words from economical, or social difficulties by blaming other people but we never looked at ourselves.
Back in the past Jew people were victims as well as the kids brutally weep or the women accused of witchcraft. Now what we call the modern scapegoating or the people who now society picks on, as an answer to their own insecurities. Immigrants are a part of modern scapegoating because every time the country suffers from a low in the economy, drugs dealing, or violence the first scapegoat they used is immigrants. Even though economy has being damaged from different factors not necessary the immigrants, people still picking on this part of society even creating laws to affect them.
Looking at these terms of modern application only shows that our moral as society is very weak, we haven’t progress much on this term. The victims or people we used as scapegoats have changed but, scapegoating hasn’t. As scapegoat is being applied, a person who applies it looks terrible and inhuman. Being the victim of such as horrible action is traumatic because you are being accused from something you didn’t do, and as a person it is humiliating. You were choosing only because you were the most susceptible for scapegoating.
But on the other hand people, who applied it, also suffer the consequences from scapegoating, as for example they looked and are inhuman, with this they only show their insecurity to confront life. Using an example from previous stories, of how people looked and are when they apply this term, focusing on scapegoating, we can relate to the story “The Lottery”. On this story we can clearly see what exactly scapegoating looks like. In this story “the Lottery” as an audience we can identify the cruelness of people.
This story talks about a ritual that a village does every year, every year the town makes a game which is called the lottery, on this game a person would be chosen and stoned to death as a sacrifice to clean the village’s sins. This event was very normal and well-received by everyone in town, at the time of choosing the victim in this case Tessie; she started to argue that it wasn’t unfair but suddenly no one in town listen to her. Tessie was stoned by everyone in town from kids to adults, they killed her.
It sounds catastrophic how come; even stoned by her own kids. Here is when we can identify the cruelty of people that in order to wash off their sins they would sacrifice others. Scapegoating have been used for years, almost since the begging of life, therefore it could be a little bit hard to stop it, but never impossible. If every single person thinks what they have done and recognizes that they have used scapegoating in their lives, it would be easier to start eliminating it.
Society has been damaged due to this factor, but we are always on the defensive side, that we never looked on the things that we have really have to change or progress as for example, countries are always seeking for power so are we. As humans we are always seeking for better positions in society, in order to do that, people doesn’t care over who they has to pass and here is when scapegoating interferes. Besides looking for someone to blame, people should consider how to become better persons, and to live more in brotherhood, that would definitely would live something good in them.

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