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Layne and his mom have an argument about Layne joining the bull riding competition, because her mom didn’t want him to join in bull riding because of her husband who died in a bull riding competition and she don’t want that to happened to Layne, while Layne really wants to join bull riding because his dad has a dream of being a champion on bull riding competition and Layne wants to fulfill that dream for him. Questions: (Circle the best answer) 1) Why does Layne`s mom don`t want him to join the rodeo? a. Layne’s mom was afraid to lose him like his dad who died in a rodeo. b.
Layne didn’t eat his vegetables. 2) What is their argument about? a. Layne’s wants a new ipad. b. Layne’s joining the bull riding competition 3) Why Layne wants to be a bull rider? a. For the girls who scream for his name when his bull riding. b. To fulfill his dad dreams. Chapter 2 Vocabulary Words: Trading – The action of engaging in trade. Doubtful – Feeling uncertain about something. Rodeo – An exhibition or contest in which cowboys show their skill at riding broncos, roping calves, wrestling steers, etc. Corral – A pen for livestock, esp. cattle or horses, on a farm or ranch.
Arena – A level area surrounded by seats for spectators, in which sports, entertainments, and other public events are held. Contractor – A person or company that undertakes a contract to provide materials or labor to perform a service or do a job. Chute – A sloping channel or slide for conveying things to a lower level Chute Fighter – A rough stock animal that will not stand still and tries to fight the cowboy before he leaves the chute. Hornets – A large stinging wasp that typically nests in hollow trees Summary: Terror and Layne goes to Kelvins arena where they meet Jana.
Jana is Jack Kelvin’s daughter. Layne goes every time to Jana when her parents are not in the ranch to have some bull riding practice. When Layne was about to practice bull riding he met Rhino the brahma bull who has only one horn, Jana don’t want to give Rhino to Layne to ride on but Layne really wants to ride Rhino because he wants to challenge his skills to get better and Rhino was the perfect bull for it so Jana let him ride Rhino. While Layne was riding on Rhino he saw a man with red shirt. Question: (True or False) 1) Jana is Jack Kelvin’s daughter. TF 2) Jana wants Layne to ride Rhino.
TF 3) Layne saw a man with black shirt while he was riding Rhino. TF Chapter 3 Vocabulary Words: Glimpse – A momentary or partial view. Mauled – Wound by scratching or tearing. Jackknife – A knife with a folding blade. Blame – Assign responsibility for a fault or wrong Stunned – Knock unconscious or into a dazed or semiconscious state. Scrambling – Move hurriedly or clumsily from or into a particular place or position. Uncurled – Straighten or cause to straighten from a curled position. Gallop – A very fast pace of running or moving. Scuff – Scrape or brush the surface of against something.
Muttered – Say something in a low or barely audible voice, esp. in dissatisfaction or irritation. Summary: Layne fell off from Rhino, Layne was scrambling on his feet then Rhino get back at him and hit him then Layne has trying to get out of there as fast as he can but it was too late Rhino`s head slammed him back down to the ground. Then Terror and Jana help him out, Terror distract Rhino from getting back to Layne and Jana lock Rhino to his cage. Then the guy with the red shirt came to them it was Chase Kincaid Jana`s Grandfather. Chase and Layne have a conversation about Layne`s dad Jeff McQueen.
Then Chase saw Layne`s wound and he wrap his wound using a handkerchief and Layne`s strip shirt. Question: (Fill in the blanks) 1) Layne’s father is ____________. 2) ________ And ________ are two things Chase used to cover Layne’s wound. 3) _______ distract Rhino from getting back to Layne. Chapter 4 Vocabulary Words: Blab – Reveal secrets by indiscreet talk. Stumbling – rip or momentarily lose one’s balance. Steam – Be or become extremely agitated or angry. Crumpled – Become bent, crooked, or creased. Suspicious – Having or showing a cautious distrust of someone or something. Stern – Serious and unrelenting, esp. n the assertion of authority and exercise of discipline. Crease – A line or ridge produced on paper or cloth by folding, pressing, or crushing it. Disgusted – Cause to feel revulsion or profound disapproval. Ruined – Cause great and usually irreparable damage or harm to have a disastrous effect on. Relief – The alleviation of pain, discomfort, or distress Crumpled – Become bent, crooked, or creased. Summary: Layne and Terror went back home and the next morning Layne’s mom goes to his room to pick up his dirty clothes he was very worried about what will be the reaction of his mom if she knows about what he did.
His mom saw his shirt that has blood and she thought Layne got the blood on his shirt on his rugby practice then Layne was relief of his worries that his mom going to know about what he did. Question: (Fill in the blanks) 1) _____ is the sport Layne in the school. 2) To pick up Layne’s dirty ______ is the reason why his mom goes to his room. 3) Layne is worried about his _____ if she knows about what he did. Chapter 5 Vocabulary Words: Strolling – Walk in a leisurely way. Wring – Obtain (something) with difficulty or effort.
Ambush – A surprise attack by people lying in wait in a concealed position. Streaks – A continuous period of specified success or luck. Static – Lacking in movement, action, or change, esp. in a way viewed as undesirable or uninteresting. Limp – Walk with difficulty, typically because of a damaged or stiff leg or foot. Sheepishly – like or suggestive of a sheep in docility or stupidity or meekness or timidity. Scornful – Feeling or expressing contempt or derision. Aces – A person who excels at a particular sport or other activity.
Gruffly – If you describe someone as gruff, you mean that they seem rather unfriendly or bad-tempered. Summary: Layne talks about what he do in school and he was so nervous to go home, afraid of maybe his mom knows that he ride a bull and got hurt. Then he went home his mom was there but she has still no Idea about what he did so everything was all right. Then terror told him that Chase wants him to in the arena, so Layne and Terror go there and at first Layne thought that Chase will get his bull rope and then chase ordered Terror and Jana to get a couple of young bulls so they did.
Then Chase told Layne that he were going to teach Layne to ride bulls as long as he can keep it a secret and Layne was so happy about it because his dad once told him that Chase was the best bull rider he ever known. Layne ask Chase Why will he teach him and Chase told him that he remember how tough being a kid that you want to do something so bad, but nobody thinks you’re old enough to handle it. Question: (True of False) 1) Layne’s mom has no idea about him riding a bull. TF 2) Chase called Layne to have a pizza in the arena. TF 3) Layne’s is nervous to go home because of his mom. TF Chapter 6
Vocabulary Words: Suddenly – Quickly and unexpectedly. Suicide – The action of killing oneself intentionally. Plunged – Jump or dive quickly and energetically. Demanded – Ask authoritatively or brusquely. Disposition – A person’s inherent qualities of mind and character. Supposed – Generally assumed or believed to be the case, but not necessarily so. Argue – Exchange or express diverging or opposite views, typically in a heated or angry way. Rhythm – A person’s natural feeling for such arrangement. Trudged – Walk slowly and with heavy steps, typically because of exhaustion or harsh conditions.
Cowboy – A man, typically one on horseback, who herds and tends cattle, esp. in the western US and as represented in westerns and novels. Summary: Chase started to teach Layne how to ride a bull. But he noticed that Layne is holding his bull rope wrong and dangerously. Layne’s rope holding is called the suicide wrap it was thought to him by his dad. And Chase used this Idea to get on Layne’s head and make him mad. Layne ride the bull and he got no rhythm on what he was doing and hit the ground hard. Chase says he has no concentration on his riding and he was just mad about him.
Then Layne fought back at him and he says he can just ride on his way. Then Chase walk away and Layne caught him back and ask if he try it again on his way and they continue on bull riding. Question: (Circle the best answer) 1) Chase teaches Layne __________. a. To drive a car. b. Ride a bull. 2) Layne’s style of holding a bull rope is ________. a. Killer wrap. b. Suicide wrap 3) Layne ride the bull and his got no _______. a. Rhythm. b. Hat. Chapter 7 Vocabulary Words: Blur – Make or become unclear or less distinct. Grumping – Act in a sulky, grumbling manner. Halfheartedly – without enthusiasm or interest.
Squawked – Make a loud, harsh noise. Gleam – Shine brightly, esp. with reflected light. Squealing – Make such a cry or noise. Outburst – A sudden release of strong emotion. Coast – Act or make progress without making much effort. Growling – Make a low guttural sound of hostility in the throat. Savages – A member of a people regarded as primitive and uncivilized. Summary: Layne talks about the past few weeks of his bull riding practise and how he’s doing well. Layne’s mom has an announcement that their cousin Becky is getting married at July third which is the same date of the rodeo that Layne entered.
Three days later Jana phoned him to go to the arena to get some practise but he must hurry because they don’t know if when Jana’s parents will be back. When Layne arrives at the arena the chute has already a bull and it was Rhino it’s time for their rematch at first Layne is excited about it but after a few seconds when he was on the back of Rhino he felt like he was afraid and shaky then right before Chase open the Chute Jana stop them because Jana’s parents arrive then Chase bring Rhino back to his coral with other bulls Chase said the Layne can Just try it next time.
Question: (True of False) 1) Layne is doing well on his bull riding practise. TF 2) Layne’s cousin Charley is getting married. TF 3) Layne and Rhino have their rematch. TF Chapter 8 Vocabulary Words: Dawned – Come into existence. Reluctantly – Unwilling and hesitant; disinclined Paced – Walk at a steady and consistent speed, esp. back and forth and as an expression of one’s anxiety or annoyance. Roared – Make a loud, deep, prolonged sound. Sputtered – Make a series of soft explosive sounds, typically when being heated or as a symptom of a fault.
Groan – Make a deep inarticulate sound in response to pain or despair. Pleasant – Giving a sense of happy satisfaction or enjoyment. Eased – Make (something unpleasant, painful, or intense) less serious or severe. Lurch – An abrupt uncontrolled movement, esp. an unsteady tilt or roll. Struggle – Make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction. Summary: July 3 is finally arrive Layne’s mom was about to leave and go to Edmonton for her niece wedding and before she leave she gave $50 for Layne to go to the rodeo.
Layne was guilty not to tell her mom that he were going to ride a bull for the rodeo but he knows her mom is going to be really mad at her so he did not tell her mom. As Layne and Terror was about to leave Terror says that load Rambo to the trailer because she also entered for barrel racing at first Layne was mad at Terror because she don’t tell to their mom that she will enter the barrel race but after he thought about it he realized that he done the same thing so they load Rambo at the trailer but the trailer tire was flat.
So they load him at the back of the track. When they were driving Layne was very careful not to take a sharp turn for Rambo then he noticed Rick Barker from his school that Rick and his friends were driving recklessly and above over the designated speed limit so Layne pull over and let them pass by but Rambo fell of the track and got hurt they call the vet to look at Rambo the vet says that Rambo should take bake home and give a plenty of rest.
When they are home their mom called them Layne was so nervous that he will get in trouble for what happened if their mom’s will find out what to them so he lied that everything is fine and their mom told them that she will stay at Edmonton for the night because their aunt Bonnie says so. After their conversation Jana and Chase got into their house asking what happened to them and why they didn’t show up for the rodeo.
Layne talks to Layne how sorry he was because all the effort of Chase of getting him ready for the rodeo is all waste but Chase laugh because he talks to the arena director and he owned him a favor that Layne’s ride is moved into tomorrow’s go-round and Layne becomes very Happy about it and he accept it. Question: (Fill in the blanks) 1) Layne’s mom goes to _____________ for her niece wedding. 2) Rambo fell of the truck and got ______. 3) Layne and Terror called the _________ to see how Rambo’s condition.
Chapter 9 Vocabulary Words: Unwind – Relax after a period of work or tension. Cursing – Be afflicted with Eager – Wanting to do or have something very much. Clenched – Close into a tight ball, esp. when feeling extreme anger. Bronc – Bronc riding, either saddle bronc or bareback bronc competition is a rodeo event that involves a rodeo participant riding on a horse (sometimes called a bronc or bronco), that attempts to throw or buck off the rider. Swerved – Change or cause to change direction abruptly
Wince – Give a slight involuntary grimace or shrinking movement of the body out of or in anticipation of pain or distress. Freaked – React or behave in a wild and irrational way, typically because of the effects of extreme emotion, mental illness, or drugs. Hauled – Pull or drag with effort or force. Smearing – Spread (a greasy, oily, or sticky substance) over something. Summary: Layne got to the rodeo ground he waits an hour before he could even find out which bull he drawn he got in the rodeo secretary Mrs.
Henry and ask If he can find out which bull will he riding and paid his entry fee. And he got Rhino to be the bull to ride on there are 3 bull riders before him first one is Jason Thorne he was a good bull rider he finished his ride with 8 seconds and have 85 points, the second rider is Mark Greely he got fell off the bull he was riding really fast, third rider is Rusty Barnett and after the announcer called Rusty to start the ride Chase called Layne to get ready and get on the back on Rhino because his riding next.
As Layne is sitting on the back of rhino he saw Rusty Barnett got hurt and he should have just let go of the bull but he can’t because Rusty is doing he suicide wrap he can’t get out his hand out of the rope so the clown on the arena distract the bull and help Rusty to get out. While Layne is Watching Rusty he remembered his dad because what happened to Rust it’s almost the same thing that happened to his dad. After Rusty`s ride Layne is next the announcer get the crowd to get calm for what they have seen about Rusty.
Then while the announcer was introducing Layne Chase is yelling at him that to get off Rhino and he`s not going to ride but Layne ignore him and looked to the gate man and yelled “Outside“ then the gate opened and Rhino has been unleashed to the chute he jump and spin left and right Layne manage to get still on Rhino but he fell down on the ground the Layne got back off to Rhino after the clowns got Rhino Layne saw his mother and they have a conversation then his mom forgive him for what he did and accept that Layne is a bull rider then his mom ugged him and the next thing he knew is there is Jana hugged him and give him a kiss then Terror was charging up for him he thought Terror will hug him too but instead Terror just punched him in the arm and says “not bad“ and he looked over the fence to see Chase and he was just standing there and winked at Layne. THE END Question: (True or False) 1) Layne arrives to early at the arena. TF 2) Layne remember his dad while watching Rusty Barnett ride. TF 3) Layne’s mom, Jana and Terror hugged him after his ride. TF Characters
Layne McQueen – Main Character of the story, Teen age boy who wants to follow the footsteps of his father Jeff McQueen to be a bull rider and join the rodeo and win the championship. Tara “Terror“ McQueen – Layne`s sister who help him to archive his goal. Jana Kelvin – Daughter of Jack Kelvin who owns the arena where Layne is always sneaking in to practice bull riding. Chase Kincaid – Jana`s grandfather and Trained Layne on Bull riding. Becky – Layne`s cousin. Bonnie – Layne`s aunt. Rick Barker – Layne`s classmate. Mr. Bowlen – Layne`s rugby Couch. Mrs. Henry – Rodeo secretary.

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