Braveheart: William Wallace a Hero or Terrorist

Published: 2021-10-08 14:05:13
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In 1296, Edward the 1st invaded Scotland so this emerged the Scottish Wars of Independence. A Scottish man named William Wallace arose and erected a guerrilla Para-militia to resist the rule of the English. On September 11th, 1297 (yes, notice the date) the Scottish defeated the English Army at the “Battle of Sterling Bridge”. After him and his army were defeated in the “Battle of Falkirk”, he was captured. He was then executed by being hanged, drowned and severed into four parts in London in 1305. Ever since then, he has become a Martyr and a symbol for Scotland and their freedom.
Some may view him as a hero and a freedom fighter. In the eyes of others, he is simply just a terrorist. The tactics employed by Wallace were similar to what you could call ‘Terrorist Tactics’ today. The main reason was that Wallace, being only a minor knight, was unable to call many men to his banner, so guerrilla tactics were employed to carry out successful opposition. There is not much known about William Wallace’s early childhood, and even his birthdate is unknown. All research has shown is that around 1272 is the year he was born and arose to battle near 1297.
History tells us that he was said to be seen killing a man by the name of Selby in a street argument. Selby was the son of an English nobleman. So from Dundee, he escaped and lived as an outlaw. This does not make him much of a hero right now. Soon after, he was heard just killing every Englishmen that he possibly could by attacking and capturing castles at every opportunity. He be wedded a woman named Marion Braidfoot, of Lanark. In May 1297, he visited his wife in disguise to visit his newborn daughter. His presence was compromised, but he did not get captured.
But in anger and revenge, the English sheriff, Sir William Heselrig seized William’s wife and cruelly put her to death. In the end, Heselrig fell before Wallace. So what kind of “hero” kills out of rage? But shortly after, Wallace had be-friended Andrew Murray. Sir William Douglas also joined the alliance to resist the English. The English forced William to form a left-wing “terrorist” group. Their motivation was pretty much resist the English, and free Scotland from English rule. This group’s actions were usually very violent; they would pretty much capture and kill noble Englishmen.
Some say it started with just from the death of Wallace’s wife, others would argue that it was for the country of Scotland. There was a point when Wallace and Sir William charged down a hill with men holding spears and swords to capture and kill English Noblemen named Earl of Surray and Hugh of Cressingham. The Two Englishmen were ordered by the king to reinforce the castles of Scotland. Wallace and Murray managed to kill 5000 of the English army. Hugh of Cressingham was captured and killed by Wallace’s army. The nobleman was skinned and used for weapon handles.
Wallace had a much darker side than what most would think of the glamorous hero he sought out to be. He was knighted by one of the Earls of Scotland and became Sir William Wallace, protector of Scotland. He did not stop just there at the border; with all of his success; he continued to head south and plunder and kill all English that blocked their path. He killed monks; his men burnt monasteries and useless buildings; and killed whoever was English or resisted them. Wallace had no means of financing his cause so they robbed, looted, and murdered. Soon after, they had to return back to Scotland because of a blizzard in England.
In the end, his defeat became after a fellow Scotsman betrayed him and he was tried in court. He was found guilty; hung; drowned and severed into four parts. So to many, especially the English, saw Wallace as a terrorist. Others, such as the Scots saw him as a Martyr, hero, and savior. But as a humanistic, what hero would skin a man and use his skin as a weapon handle; what hero would kill a monk in cold blood; what hero would burn down monasteries? So this left wing terrorist in my eyes is not a hero, but a villain. His cause was good, but his methods not so much.

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