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Published: 2021-08-13 04:15:06
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The brand NEWE was created and nowadays follows the aim to show women’s beauty and sharm. Main goal of the brand is to make all possible efforts to find a solution of women skin troubles. Another strategy of the company is to make female skin more shiny, bright and beautiful. Mission The new formulation and one of high-priority goals of the company is to deactivate skin energy and make it looks full of life and shine through new innovations technologies developing. NEWE is making everything possible to product advanced cosmetics using delicate CGMP construction process.
This process not only provides skin with natural ingredients but also based on only natural ingredients taken from clean environment. Science from nature NEWE is trying to bring skin technologies closer to life science and step by step taking the direction to ideal skin. Based on human efforts, natural ingredients and innovative technologies NEWE is heading to beautiful future. With outstanding progressive ideas and innovative strategies NEWE provides the skin’s beauty all women dream about. 6. NEWE’s procedures and effects Lightening Snow whitening (basic)
Whitening (BB) Ultraviolet rays block Time lock (BB) Time lock (Basic) Golden label deluxe Gold therapy Wrinkles removal & anti-wrinkles therapy 7. NEWE’s procedures description & special features Name of the procedure | Skin type| Product formation | Skin problems available for care | Functions| The special features of the procedure | Gold label deluxe| All skin types| Toner, emulsion,essense,cream| Lack of elasticity,fine wrinkles, laugh lines| Wrinkle therapy| 1. Contains of 99% pure gold 2. Moisture& anti-ageing effects 3.
Soft texture, high consistence of nutritions| Snow white| Oily ,combine skin| Serum, cream, spa-solution, BB cream| Lack of moisture, freckles, blemish, dark skin| Lightening, BB (2 phases)| 1. effect of 7 red moisture & whitening effect 2. Light texture, easy using 3. Purslane, white birch active extracts therapy | Time lock| Dry skin| Serum, cream, eye cream, BB cream| Lack of elasticity,fine wrinkles, laugh lines, deep wrinkles, skin troubles | Wrinkle therapy, BB (3 phases)| 1. Contains of pea ’s protein (stem cell culture medium) 2. Contains of bean’s fermentation extracts 3.
Texture full of nutritions, moist using| Gold therapy | All skin types| Serum, cream| Dark skin, lack of elasticity, fading skin| Wrinkle therapy & lightening (double effect)| 1. Contain 99% gold components2. contains of caviar extracts 3. providing a moisture from chell | 8. Skin care & solutions for different age groups Age group 25-30 1. After the age 25, skin begins to decline energy and ageing process slowly starts (especially in the case of marriage, pregnancy and birth of children life style on the whole changes a lot, what influences on skin condition). 2.
Fine wrinkles, laugh lines appear. 3. A tendency of decrease skin energy and elasticity. 4. Skin becomes tighter, and wrinkles near mouth zone become more visible. 5. Although consistence of oil/moist in skin almost the same with 20-25 age group, it’s a time when skin can change its type unexpectedly. Problem & skin care Problem: 1. Although there’s no big difference with 20-25 skin condition, due to cases of pregnancy & birth of children a state of skin begins to change. Care: 1. Choosing cosmetics which suits the skin type, protecting skin and keep the necessary moisture balance. 2.
Paying attention on protection skin from ultraviolet rays and other outside impulses. 3. Taking care of skin using lightening cosmetics in case of fine wrinkles, laugh lines appearance. 4. Amount of serum secretion at eye, mouth, cheek zone begins to decrease, so face expression wrinkles should be taken care especially. ADVICE NEWE SNOW WHITE LINE! 9. Skin care& solutions for different age groups Age group 30 Skin condition 1. The state when stability of the skin is fold most. 2. In comparison with 20-s ageing process visible more, but due to continuous hormone secretion and stable life style most balanced skin condition 3.
Decrease of skin elasticity, skin becomes pigmented easily, fine wrinkles, laugh lines appear. 4. Metabolism and all skin reactions become slower; as a result sebum secretion declines also. 5. Skin looses shine and gloss, becomes coarser, the moisture level decrease. Problem & skin care Problem: 1. Skin becomes dryer, and oily skin troubles decrease. 2. Increase of fine wrinkles, laugh lines and other troubles connected with ageing process (time, when people pay more attention on ageing process). Care: 1. 0 age is the time when metabolism retards, so to expedite circulation of the blood everyday massage and packs (should be used 1-2 times a week) are necessary measures. These procedures activate an energy stream in the skin, making it vitalized. 2. The people, who feel their skin more tight and dry than before, should include essence using in their everyday life and keep the moisture level balanced all the time. 3. To prevent skin vaporization nutrition cream should be used continuously both with eye cream against eye wrinkles& laugh lines. ADVICE
NEWE TIME LOCK LINE NEWE GOLDEN THERAPY LINE 10. Skin care& solutions for different age groups Age group 40-50 Skin condition 1. Ageing process becomes more and more visible and fast, wrinkles appear not only at eye-mouth zone but at other parts of face 2. Time when skin becomes dry and the dryness is visible also. 3. Skin blemish swells, skin looks tight and coarse. Problem & skin care Problem: 1. Ageing of the skin becomes clearly visible, sebaceous glands’ function becomes worse, dermis structure and connections go off, skin elasticity decreases rapidly.
Care: 1. Paying a lot of attention on prevention of skin dryness & and the loss made by ageing process, choice of high-nutrition cosmetics. 2. Use of preventing ageing process products, providing special care except of the used every day. 3. Use of packs bringing new energy to the skin; regular massage. 4. Use of plowshare cream and anti-wrinkle cream together. ADVICE! NEWE GOLDEN LABEL DELUXE LINE NEWE TIME LOCK LINE 11. Golden Label – anti-ageing Providing skin with 99% gold – happiness for skin! Providing of 99% gold ?????? peptide
Adenosine – tested by Korea Food & Drug Administration Anti-wrinkle components & ingredients 12. Golden Label – anti-ageing Pure Gold 99 % * Pure gold used since Middle Age Era to prevent ageing-processes, it congenial with the body, there is no corrosion, doesn’t cause allergy; it’s expedite cell revival effects and famous all over the world by detoxification the poison, a wispy beard, sterilization and lightening effects. * Adenosine- the effect of wrinkle-removal tested and proved by Korea Food & Drug Administration.
Due to ingredients effective both at preventing wrinkle and their removing at the same time. * Peptide – gets fast absorbed by skin fast; due to outstanding anti-wrinkles effect fully moisturize dry & dark skin, providing it with necessary nutritions. 13. Golden Label – anti-ageing NEWE GOLDEN LABEL DELUXE TONER 150 ml From the very moment of touching the skin, toner provides it with gold extracts and leaves the feeling of moisture due to synergy of nutritions and collagen. Toner keeps skin elastic, clean and full of energy, preventing wrinkles at the same time.
NEWE GOLDEN LABEL DELUXE EMULSION 150 ml Due to the synergy of ingredients (gold, peptide and collagen mixed in optimum proportions) mild emulsion keeps skin clean, elastic and fresh. NEWE GOLD LABEL DELUXE ESSENSE 150 ml Luxurious enrich essence consists of 99% gold extract and collagen remove all skin and turn it back to the young age times. NEWE GOLD LABEL DELUXE CREAM 50 g Luxurious cream deeply provides skin with necessary nutritions, bringing loose skin to life, and return dry skin into energetic, full of elasticity one. 14. Snow White _ whitening
Due to the complex of arbutin and 7 – red extracts makes skin bright and shiny immaculately. Arbutin – lightening component, effect was tested by Korea Food & Drug Administration. Moisturizing factor – sap of a white birch, puslane extract * 7-RedConcentrate – tomato, rose, camellia seeds, rubus coreanus fruit, rooibos, safflower seeds, peach – complex of 7-red ingredients. 15. Snow White _ whitening Arbutin – the ingredient was tested and proved by Korea Food & Drug Administration. Due to comprised whitening components lightens pigmented skin and makes it clean immaculately. -Red components – comprising effects of 7 red plants ingredients, this complex prevent skin from oxidation, control moisture balance and brings skin to the best condition, making it healthy and bright. Sap of a white birch, puslane extract – protects skin from outside irritations, provides necessary moisture and makes skin bright, resilient and smooth. 16. Snow White _ 7-Red Complex 1. Rooibos – lightening effect, skin troubles prevention effect Anti-oxidation effect, powerful skin protector 2. camellia seeds – makes skin soft and smooth, protects from anti-oxidants; Makes crumbly and flaky skin healthy . rose flower – powerful effect of skin regeneration, brings fresh feeling Heals skin itching, inflammation, recovery effects 4. Oil of safflower seeds – outstanding plowshare; source of vitamin E 5. rubus coreanus fruit – powerful effect of skin regeneration, brings fresh feeling; Heals skin itching, inflammation, recovery effects 6. Tomato – Anti-oxidation effect; acne sterilization effect 7. Peach – prevention of skin dryness; brings the immunity to damaged skin; activate blood circulation and improve cell structure of skin 17. Snow White _ whitening
NEWE SNOW WHITE SERUM 40 ml Serum permeates into the skin fast and deep, providing lightening effect. Enrich luxurious serum makes skin clean and bright. NEWE SNOW WHITE SPOT SOLUTION 20 ml Snow white spot solution is a product created for using at parts of skin with especially intensified pigmentation; controls the amount of melanin bringing pureness and shine to skin. NEWE SNOW WHITE CREAM 50 g Cream consists of whitening ingredients, richly provides skin with nutritions and moisture. NEWE SNOW WHITE BB CREAM LIGHTENING, SPF 40 PA++ 2 PHASE COSMETICS 40 ml
Due to high level of outside factors protection 2 – phase effect cream blocks ultraviolet rays 2 times more effective, prevent skin damage and keeps the tone of skin smooth and natural all day long. 18. Time Lock _ anti-ageing “Adenosine complex and proteins of pea – solution, bringing liveliness and juvenility to skin” Adenosine – wrinkles removal effect proved by Korea Food & Drug Administration. Moisturizing Factor – bean’s fermentation ingredients; sodium hyaluronate. HYDROLYZED PEA PROTEIN – pea’s proteins 19. Time Lock _ anti-ageing Adenosine
Wrinkle removal effect proved by Korea Food & Drug Administration. Adenosine removes all kinds of wrinkles (from fine wrinkles, laugh lines till deep wrinkles) and brings energy and elasticity to fading skin, rejuvenating it. Pea’s proteins The proteins are segregated from pea and then after refining process and enzymatic treatment liposome initiate a reaction on peptides of small molecular size what improves stem cell activity. Vitamin Sodium hyaluronate Protects skin and keeps it smooth and healthy; Keeps skin moisturized all day; controls the moisture level richly. 20.
NEWE TIME LOCK SERUM 40 ml Fast absorbing serum, which deeply fills skin with elasticity, removes different types of wrinkles and makes skin resilient and fresh. NEWE TIME LOCK CREAM 50 g Cream consist of enrich various nutritions which get absorbed by skin fast and prevent dryness. Product also protects skin from outside damages and makes it look healthy and calm. NEWE TIME LOCK CREAM 20 ml Protects sensitive skin near eye zone gently, provides it with moist and nutritions, prevents eye wrinkles and makes skin at eye zone look resilient. NEWE TIME LOCK PREMIUM BB CREAM
SPF 40PA++, WRINKLES, LIGHTENING 3 PHASE EFFECT 40 ml Due to high level of ultraviolet protection SPF 40 PA++, lightening effect and wrinkles remove effect 3 phase effect BB cream regenerates damaged skin, keeps skin moisture, healthy and beautiful for a long time. 21. Gold Therapy _whitening & anti-ageing ‘’ 99% pure gold, EGF, caviar, peptides –skin becomes a masterpiece” Gold therapy Gold – 99. 9% pure gold Arbutin Adenosine – adenosine, anti-wrinkles components, arbutin; lightening effect proved by Korea Food & Drug Administration.
Caviar – caviar extract 22. Pure gold component Gold is known around the world as an absolutely harmful component makes skin bright and fresh. It removes endotoxins and skin waste products, prevents different skin troubles and rejuvenates skin deeply. Caviar Caviar is well-known as one of the top 3 world delicacies. Its extract richly brings nutritions to skin, provides it with elasticity and keeps soft and beautiful. Arbutin Adenosine Lightening effect proved by Korea Food & Drug Administration.
As anti-wrinkles components Arbutin and Adenosine relieve skin pigmentation, makes skin clean and smooth, remove all types of wrinkles and provides skin with energy and elasticity. 23. Gold Therapy _ whitening & anti-ageing NEWE GOLD THERAPY SERUM 40 ml Comprising components of gold gel-type serum gets absorbed quickly even by deep parts of derma, has a lightening effect and makes skin more shiny and bright. NEWE GOLD THERAPY CREAM 50 g 2 phase fast absorbed anti-wrinkles cream, which provides skin with nutritions and moist, making it smooth, soft and beautiful.

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