Boy overboard context/quote/explain paragraphs

Published: 2021-06-28 16:45:05
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A context/quote/explain paragraph is like a body paragraph from an analytical essay. You need to reword the statement given, find the quotation that best suits the context and then explain the quotation. Each paragraph needs to be between 50-100 words long. You may write more than the required limit but should not write less than the 50-word minimum. You need to write a minimum of 10 paragraphs to meet the required standard. Of course, writing more than the required number would be a way to increase your marks!
The asterisked chapters are mandatory- (you must do these) You are free to select the other chapters of your choice, including one of the last 5 chapters. Chapter 12 – That disobeying the Taliban has serious repercussions. In chapter 12 of ‘Boy Overboard’, it is obvious that defying the Taliban regulations, by having a secret school, will have life threatening results. When Jamal and Bibi enter the soccer stadium, they notice an army truck and soldiers with guns aimed at women.
The children realise this is not an average soccer match, and maybe “…this isn’t such a good idea,” (pg 61)as soldiers with guns held the power of life and death. Jamal and Bibi are shocked as they recognise a woman, who desperately tries to escape from the soldiers, as their mother. Two soldiers pounce on her, as “They point their rifles at the back of Mum’s head. ” (pg 62) Jamal instantly realises that “The government must have arrested Mum before they blew up our house.
” (pg 63) He desperately wants to save his mother, but stops as his father’s taxi, flies into the soccer stadium, bravely slamming into soldiers. He urges for Mum to rush inside and speeds off, leaving Jamal and Bibi feeling frightened. Not only now is their mother in serious trouble, but also their father. They know to challenge and disobey the Taliban is to invite serious repercussions, or even death, for all the family. This will have massive effects on the family for the rest of their lives.

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