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Published: 2021-07-01 17:20:03
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Is still a sunny morning, GeLi leaves not just clean up for him, she became the protagonist in the picture, at the moment, his eyes only her. Her in the picture in a piece of darkness, she is like a shining pearl. Look back in her side, like a smile also Chen to look back. Half and lips shining bright fruity burnish, seems to want to say something of her lover, but because of what, awkward. The painting seems to have can be done to everyone who yi road, everything seemed so well, but he didn’t want to end of the time, he wants to be more perfect more perfect, her painting a painting that belongs to his.
He wanted her to take the pearl earrings, a can let her eyes, lips, and connecting the night behind him. She could not resist, choose to fall into a pit with him. Since he had seen her a head autumn fields, dark brown hair – that is pure as she, she exactly, wild and wild, a only she know her, but now he share together with her, but now she has nothing to fear. She asked him to get her ear pierced, with a pearl earring. She can feel the warm from his fingers, gently with her ears, her fierce breath, as if just suppress too long in the water. When acupuncture in her ear, a burning pain stabbed her body, her eyes streaming tears.
His fingers across her collar, touch on her cheeks, and fingers slip her lower lip. She felt unprecedented desire, longing for the caress of his, eager to together with him, when she looks back, he went to the easel, he said, looking at me. At this time his eyes only her, her eyes only him. , dream and not after GeLi crazy found little Peter ran to the pub, in a dark alley, she gave her to him, she felt comfortable. Waiting for her is a storm, will she flushed, drifting to the origin. Casa lina hysteria broke the quiet room, no one can tell her the truth, she saw that she had thought to

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