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Do you think the employee swap between Google and P&G is a good idea for all companies? Why or why not? Why do so few companies do this? I think P& G and Google for going this are good, and I’m sure we’ll hear about other companies following suit. To increase sales and market share, companies need to break out of their traditional patterns of thinking and learn to embrace new ideas. What the Proctor & Gamble / Google swap demonstrates is a willingness to explore a completely different business strategy, which will probably pay off for both companies in the long run. . One of the reason P&G and Google agreed to the swap was to transmit the best aspects of the other company’s culture to their own. Drawing from this chapter, describe how culture might be transmitted in such swaps. The culture is transmitted to employee in a number of forms, the most important being stories, rituals, material symbols, and language. Stories: “Stories circulate through many organizations.
These stories anchor the present in the past and explain and legitimate current practices. Rituals: Repetitive sequences of activities that express and reinforce the key values of the organization, which goals are most important, which people are important, and which are expendable. Material Symbols: What conveys to employees who are important, the degree of egalitarianism top management desires, and kinds of behavior that are appropriate. Language: Unique terms describe equipment, officers, key individuals, suppliers, customers, or products that related to the business. . Which culture– Google’s or P&G –do you think would fit you best? Why? I personally feel organizational culture of Google will fit best for me as it has laid-back, free-flowing culture. Free-flowing culture allows me to socialize me well with organization. Organizational Culture of P&G is notoriously controlled, disciplined, scalable, and rigid. Organizational Culture of Google’s is just as famous for its laid-back, free-flowing culture.
Both are different organizations with different culture with fits for they business style. 4. Would you enjoy an employee swap with a company with a very different culture? Why or why not? I would enjoy an employee swap with a company with a very different culture. By exposing both companies’ employees to a culture that emphasizes innovation, but in a wholly different way, each company can push their own innovations even further. Both companies can learn how to utilize other company and improve their

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