Blood Diamond Outline

Published: 2021-10-07 21:25:08
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Corrupt politicians greed for diamonds. ii. RUF manipulation of children to become future soldiers. ii. The lack of foreign intervention for the homeland. iv. The several acts of crime of humanity that the Africans have to deal with. iv. The four important sequences in the movie are b. Solomon Vandy’s love for his family in the beginning of the movie. c. Andy’s conversation of his justification for purchasing and selling diamonds and why the US really can’t intervene. d. Andy discusses how the businesses use corrupt methods in order sell and maintain the lust for blood diamonds. e.
The final scene in which politicians finally agree for to peace resolution and universal attention of Sierra Leone. v. How does the film use color- vi. Perspective- the films uses several scenes to display the cruelty of the RUFs actions to obtain future soldiers and conquer cities. f. Solomon’s villages is attacked by RUF and his family is forced to take refuge. (makes viewer aware of the civil war)
Solomon meets with his wife and family at the refugee. (Viewer feels the grief of the Solomon’s reaction to his lost son. ) i. Danny Archer grabs a handful of red dirt and euphonizes the symbolism of it vii. Specific scene that constitute the films climax j. The climax of the movie is when the Solomon and Archer finally find the pink diamond. The creates a notion of redemption and revenge for them when they kill the Colonel and Dia decides not to shoot viii.
Loose Ends?? k. The film leaves off with Solomon entering a room filled with politicians and is about to begin his speech of his experience. ix. Films conclusion l. The film concludes with the resolution of the conflict Diamonds in Sierra Leone and tells the viewer that it is up to the buyer to question the corrupt free diamonds. Theme x. Films relation xi. Films point of view xii. aspects that are left ambiguous at the end xiii. relation to literary to texts.

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