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Published: 2021-09-30 02:25:11
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Birth Order I. Introduction a. Have you ever wondered why your older sister would try to play parent to you growing up? Or how about your baby brother that did just about anything to get the attention of anyone and everyone who would listen? b. People talk about how “the baby” is or how that middle child more often than not has earned that title of the “black sheep” of the family.
c. The birth order theory seems strange at first, I know when I mention it, I get the weirdest looks!But in reality, once you understand how the birth order works, it is very easy to apply it to your family, friends, and pretty much anyone around you. d. Today I will go over the basics of the birth order theory with first borns, middle children, the last borns, only children & twins. II. First Born e. Of the first 23 astronauts in space, 21 of them were firstborns and the other two were only children.
–cite Dr. Kevin Leman f. There are two types of first born i. Compliant 1. People pleasers, reliable, cooperative, etc. (visual aid) ii.Aggressive 2.
Leaders, perfectionists, assertive, etc. (visual aid) g. Experience iii. My oldest sister Christina, is more of a compliant first born, she does whatever she can to please everyone else, and even if she doesn’t like what my parents say she just sits there and takes it. When we were younger she tried to act like mom to my other sister and I, I couldn’t stand it. III. Middle Child h.
Many entrepreneurs are middle children. –cite Dr. Kevin Leman, i. There are also two types of middle children iv. One 3. More of the shy type (visual aid) . Two 4.
More of the friendly outgoing type. (visual aid) j. Experience vi. My other sister Ashley, is definitely middle child number 2. I was always in her shadow growing up since we’re only two years apart. She had so many friends and was always doing something. She is also extremely business minded and the things she comes up with… I know I would never even think about in a million years its kinda sad she makes me look stupid all the time.
IV. Last Born k. Most comedians are the youngest children in the family. –cite Dr.Kevin Leman l. Idealistic, hardworking, sensitive, attention seeking, etc. (visual aid) m.
Experience vii. I am the baby of the family, and I mean im not much of a risk taker to be honest… but I fit this 9 out of 10 times. My whole family calls me the biggest drama queen and they’re pretty spot on with that one. V. Only children/Twins n. Only children viii. mature faster, have characteristics of each birth order o.
Twins ix. two types of twins 5. leader a. loud and opinionated 6. follower b. quient and blends into the background x.My very best friends are twins, and when I read about this I couldn’t help but laugh because this is exactly how they are, one wouldn’t think twice about confronting, while the other just doesn’t want to cause a problem, and wants everything to just be cool.
VI. Conclusion p. There is so much more to the birth order theory but these are the basic traits of a first born, middle child, only child, and twins. q. Hopefully this information can help you to better understand yourself and the people around you, and to know a little bit more why you are the way you are.

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