Benefits and Problems Caused by Volcanoes

Published: 2021-08-22 12:30:07
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The benefits man can reap from volcanoes are, the land around the volcano that erupted would having fertile soil for agriculture, it will also have valuable minerals found in the volcanic areas, examples are, copper, gold, sliver and more. The tourism rate of the volcanic areas will increase. And, there will also be a source of geothermal energy in the volcanic areas. The land around the volcanic areas will have fertile soil that is good for agriculture as, when there is a volcano eruption, there will be lots of ash thrown out from the volcano.
This ash can be very harmful to the environment but on the long term, these ash, containing useful minerals will be converted into to a very fertile soil, useful for agriculture. The valuable minerals found are often associated with the magma. The rising magma from the volcano does not always reach the surface to erupt, instead, it will slowly cool down and harden to form different types of rocks. The tourism rate will increase mostly because of the volcanic eruption.
Curious tourist that had never experienced a volcanic eruption would definitely want to go and see how does the volcanic eruption looked like in real life instead of watched videos found on the Internet or documentaries. The source of geothermal energy will be found in the volcanic areas, from the heat of the earth’s crust. This type of energy is very clean and unlimited. The problems caused by volcanoes are the loss of lives of both plants and man.
Also, the loss of farmland, property and building. The environment will also be changed. The eruption of the volcano will also affect the air travel. The massive explosion from the volcanic eruption will be able to know down everything. From burning down of tress, to deaths of humans, and even destroying buildings. The pyroclastic flow from the eruption causes the people to suffer from, respiratory problems, skin problems, sore eyes, low visibility, more worse, ven deaths. Sometimes, when an eruption occurs, the thick ash from the volcano will cover the sun and causes the climate to change too. Volcanic eruption is also one of the causes for global warming. If the eruption continues, it would lead to poor visibility, which affects air travel. In conclusion, volcanic eruptions brings both positive and negative impacts to man.

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