Behavioral segmentation

Published: 2021-06-19 11:10:05
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Behavioural Segmentation is a branch of Marketing Segmentation. Market Segmentation is the dividing of a market into distinct groups with distinct needs, characteristics or behaviour who might require a separate product. Market segmentation is seen as very important when the organisation is targeting the right market in terms of advertising and selling its product. Behavioural elements need to be understood, while targeting customers.
These elements include the benefits sought from the consumer, an example of this would be lucozade sport, the athletes drink this as they feel they are getting a competitive edge over their opponents, they are provided with extra energy which allows them to perform at a higher level. The purchase occasion is also a very important element; this refers to when the product or service is available for purchase. An example of this would be the ball that was used in the world cup in 2010. This ball went on sale a couple of months before the world cup. Between the time of the first match in the world cup and the final game sales of the ball tripled.
Within a couple of months of the world cup ending the ball was taking of the main market. Another main element of Behavioural Segmentation is the amount the consumer uses the product. There are three types of usage of a product; high usage low usage and no usage. An example of where consumer usage comes into play is in advertising. The organisation isn’t going advertise beauty products in a sports magazine as there will be low usage if not no usage among of beauty products among its readers, they will be more likely to advertise its products in a magazine such as “take a break”.
Another important element to be considered is the loyalty of the consumer. Behavioural Segmentation understanding the consumer, when a marketing company markets a product or service they need to put themselves in the shoes of the consumer. They do this with the help of market research. All marketing effort is targeted to a certain audience; they need to understand their audience so that the marketing effort is effective. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages to Behavioural Segmentation. One advantage is that it allows the organisation to clearly identify its target market.
This reduces the companies cost as they won’t be wasting time and money marketing to a segment which won’t buy their product. They are also able to maximise their sales as the product will be designed to meet the needs of the market place. However since they are only targeting a certain market their product may be unknown to the rest of the market which could lead to a loss in sales. Another main disadvantage is the overall cost of forming the database which allows you to find out who to use as your target market.

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