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Published: 2021-07-10 15:05:05
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Specific purpose: To inform my audience of the history, development and rules of Basketball. I can contribute to the general knowledge of the audience about this topic by giving a brief history of the sport. I can also discuss the basic rules of the game to inform some of the audience who does not understand the sports rules or are confused by what they see. I can also discuss the health benefits of the sport, there are a number of benefits to the sport. The sport requires a great deal of running and jumping that can build strength and endurance.
Helps the body to develop balance and coordination. Basketball can also help develop concentration and self discipline. I can also discuss the variety of ways basketball can be played whether its full court games, half court games, H. O. R. S. E. , a game of one on one. I can adapt the way I present my topic to be very general and not too specific. I have noticed the class has about half females and half males. I have also noticed the age group is mostly young, so I will use that information to help me decide how to present it to people who might not know very much about the sport.
So when I discuss the rules I will try to not get too specific because that can lead to confusion. I will organize my speech by starting with the history of the sport, then going into the rules of the sport. Then I can discuss the different ways basketball can be played depending on how many people are playing. I would also like to include the health benefits of playing basketball, I feel this part of the speech can help the people who do not play sports to relate to the sport by thinking of it as exercise and not just a game.

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