Balanced Scorecard Case

Published: 2021-06-24 20:50:04
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o Read and analyze Case 3, The Coors Case Balanced Scorecard, at the Institute of Management Accountants Web Link located in Week Three’s learning materials. In your Learning Team, answer the six questions at the end of the case: o Link the Coors vision statement to Coors’s key business strategies or six planks. Are there any gaps? o Link the Coors Operation and Technology (O&T) department vision statement to the O&T strategies or supply chain guiding principles. Are there any gaps? o Provide possible explanations for the performance gaps identified by Coors benchmarking analysis.
o Answer the frequently asked question (FAQs) already raised by employees about the Coors BSC project. o Considering the prior gap and benchmarking analyses, design specific performance measures with benchmarked targets, where feasible, and reporting frequency to create an operational and acceptable BSC for Coors. o Perform an economic value-added (EVA) analysis to assess its potential as a BSC financial performance measure for Coors. o Write a paper in which you incorporate your findings from the case questions and address the following: o What were the company’s objectives in implementing the Balanced Scorecard? What problems was the company trying to address? o Describe the implementation plan and process. How was implementation affected by the company characteristics such as culture, competitive environment, management style, or capabilities? Identify at least three company characteristics that affect the plan. o What issues were encountered? How is the company addressing implementation difficulties or concerns? o Do you think the company will be successful? What changes might you make to improve on the company’s actions or intended actions? Suggest at least three recommendations to management. o Format your paper according to APA standards.

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