Award and Graduation

Published: 2021-07-28 11:15:05
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My Most Embarrassing Experience People have feelings, happy, sad, shy, nervous, or embarrassing. I’m sure everyone has had an experience before or even now! Everyone feels. Have you ever had a feeling similar to the above? If you were happy, you must have been laughing or enjoying what you were doing! If you were angry, you had a specific reason. If you were shy, like me today, scared to present. But my point is, have you felt embarrassed?
Have you felt so embarrassed before that in that moment you wanted to completely disappear, and it was killing you. Well that’s what I had felt a couple years ago. Not too long actually, I remember it like it was yesterday. I had my most embarrassing experience in middle school when I was 13. It was the summer of June like every other school; graduation was right around the corner. Graduation came sooner than we had thought.
It was the morning of graduation and all the staff was setting up, the senior band rehearsing for our graduation song, parents fighting for a better view, security pulling aside parents to confiscate horns others hiding them in between layers of clothes, and students nervous for what was yet to come. It was about 20 minutes into the graduation, the moment everyone had been waiting for, handshakes, hugs and certificates. I was sitting at the front beside the stage. They had sat us down in alphabetical order according to homerooms.
Anyways, they were giving prizes, announcing certificates, and handing out special awards. They said my name well at least I had thought I had heard my name. So I went up to get my award and it turned out it had been this other girl, I had heard the wrong name! Oh! How embarrassing! The worst was having to walk back to my seat because everyone was whispering about it. I did overhear one conversation and it was one of my friends. Well at least she was before that moment. I’ll never ever live that one down.

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