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Published: 2021-06-14 05:15:04
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Code of Ethics Questions The main purpose of these questions is to manifest professionalism of a candidate. A candidate should have gained some understanding of the Professional Code of Ethic and conduct before entering for the Professional Interview. The questions selected by the examiners may be expected to be familiar.
A candidate would be expected to demonstrate; a) That he has thought sufficiently about the role of the engineer in the society vis-à-vis his professional Code of Ethics. b) That he can write in clear and concise manner that is …….
Candidate would be expected to answer only 1 question among the 7 questions listed below:
1.Discuss the dilemma engineer faces in balancing capital expenditure versus optimum design for efficient operations and maintenances, bearing in mind the impact of capital expenditure on the engineer’s fees.
2.Technological and economic efficiencies in providing service to the public are the expected benefits from the privatization of public utilities companies in Malaysia. Discuss with examples whether the technological benefits of privatization have been achieved.
3.Are the present safety practices of your industry adequate? What steps do you consider should be taken by the industry to address the present situation?
4.The manifestation of professionalism among engineers occurs through their interactions with other segments of the society, which can be viewed essentially as an exercise in group dynamics. In this regard, the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) is ideally constituted to serve the purpose. Discuss the various functions that can be provided by IEM in promoting professionalism. 5.In this technological age, the power of the engineers in shaping the society and environment in all pervading and can be profoundly affect the lives of many members of the society. From your personal experience, how largely positive impacts have accrued from the contributions of engineers.
6.“He shall not under any circumstances solicit advisory or consultative work, either directly or by an agent, nor shall he pay, by commission or otherwise any person who may introduce clients to him”. Discuss the ways in which an engineer, especially one that is a newcomer to the field, can project him/herself as responsible professional to the society without being guilty of violating the above.
7.Engineers are often entrusted with the responsibility of implementing large-scale projects involving millions of dollars. In view of the large amount of money changing hands, the integrity and ethical standards of engineers are being put to test. What measures can be engineer take to prevent corruption an unethical practice of cutting corners in order to safeguard the good image of the engineering profession?

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