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Published: 2021-09-10 14:50:10
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Whose valuable support and ideas have contributed much in the conceptualization of this project. First, to our adviser, Ms. Sheryl C. Delos Santos thank you for the knowledge that you’ve thought us, not only academically but also for teaching us good manners and for pushing us to finished this study. To Mrs. Jhoan Anzorandia, Manager of Greenwich Pizza SM Santa Rosa branch, for her trust and encouragement to have this project success. To our friends, who shared not only laughter’s but also their full support in making this study. To our parents who untiringly support us morally and financially.
Through these modern discoveries of technology and with their increasing power and versatility, people have become dependent on this machine in their day-to-day endeavor of their business. In this age, computer revolution is giving a great impact in the world markets. Computers today are the central nervous system of the large and small corporation, government or organization and organizational institutions which have millions of receipts and documents to be process to become usable at short notice with less expense, lesser employees and more profit.

The employee that was hired will presents all requirements needed. First, the manager will ask the employee to complete the requirements needed. The employee will then compile the requirements needed then pass it to the manager. The manager will then store the requirements to the drawer and update the logbook. At the same time using excel, the manager encode some information regarding the new employees. Since all the data are not provided in the excel file, if the manager need to look for the record he needs, he will take a long time to look for the record in the drawer and check the file one by one.
That flow shows that it is not efficient having a manual based system. Although they have an excel file, it is not systematic and organized. It is usable but not a friendly user. 4. 2Process Summary Report The basis of the manager for his summary report will be the logbook , stored data through excel and the requirements passed by the employee.

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