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Published: 2021-06-18 16:20:04
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In a world with numerous and various types of occupations, it is often difficult to measure the importance of each profession monetarily. Each person, society and organization has a different perspective on the significance of certain occupations but it seems that cross-culturally there is a common belief that professional athletes are extremely overpaid. Professional athletes worldwide are often questioned regarding their controversially large amount of pay.
Taking into consideration the amount of workload and pressure most professional athletes deal with, it can be justified that they deserve the amount of money they make, showing that they are not overpaid. Firstly, consumers are willing to pay the athletes large amounts of money and also, they do not use taxpayer’s money. Professional athletes earn an appropriate amount of money in regards to their occupation and this should not come under criticism by the public. Consumers are willing to pay billions and billions of dollars (repetition) yearly to show their passion and dedication towards their favorite sports teams.
Many people pay for overpriced tickets and merchandise just to support their team, and will, however complain about the huge paychecks the athlete’s cash in at the end of the day. As long as consumers continue paying that much money for merchandise (alliteration) and games, the teams will continue making a lot of money and consequently the players will make even more. As a fan of the Chicago Bulls, a multi-million dollar franchise, I have spent a Dhatt 2 lot of money on my favorite player’s jerseys, shoes, posters and game tickets.
A lot more money than I’d like to admit. The professional athletes are not to blame. Consumers continue to spend money like water (simile) and then proceed to accuse the athletes of having huge lump sums of cash. We as consumers have gladly given up our money to show our support towards a specific team. The consumers are more than willing to pay for overpriced merchandise; therefore the professional athletes are entitled to the money. (Paragraph: narration). The most common issue the public has is the large earnings of professional athletes.
There is always great controversy over how much athletes are paid. People say doctors, nurses, teachers and police officers should be paid more as they benefit society. If that is the case, people should be prepared to pay higher taxes as we do pay for their wages. The money athletes make is a whole other ball game (metaphor), as we do not fund their games as taxpayers, the multi million-dollar corporations and big CEO’s do and they do not seem to have a problem with paying their athletes millions of dollars every season.
So why should we? (Rhetorical question). The reality is, if LeBron James took a huge cut in his paycheck, no nurse or doctor or public service man would benefit. The same people do not pay them. The government and taxpayers do not fund professional athletes. The money spent on the teams is the owner’s money with which they can do whatever they would like. Members of the public should not criticize the professional athletes, as they do not use taxpayer money to pay their own bills. (Paragraph: Cause and Effect). Dhatt 3
Professional athletes earn an appropriate amount of money in regards to their occupation and this should not come under criticism by the public. Consumers gladly pay a lot of money to support their favorite teams. Also, people should not be concerned with the paychecks of professional athlete’s, as taxpayer money is not used to fund them. Athletes are not overpaid. One has to consider the constant pressure and hard work they put in to be the best. From a young age many people aspire to become athletes, as the passion drives them rather than the money. Money is not relevant therefore they should not be criticized for it.

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