Athletes Good Role Models?

Published: 2021-08-22 10:30:08
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Should Sporting Stars be better role models for the young? Well, do Sporting Stars ASK to be role models? Good Morning, Class 8-1. Today I am going to be presenting a speech on why Sporting Stars should not have the responsibility on their shoulders to be better role models for the young. Athletes and Sport Stars are just normal people. They are the same as you and me, I am lost for words! I’m not asking you to do my homework, so please don’t have a spaz that I should do it myself.
Please give me an idea or a paragraph/section that I can build up and finish my assignment with?! You have a very good start. (And I also want to commend you on the quality of your writing! It’s always refreshing to see a young person with good spelling and grammar. ) Here’s a couple suggestions to move forward. Young people should look closer to home for role models. Perhaps parents and teachers can be good role models. Or other family members. How about local community leaders, or church pastors?
What about a local businessman who started his own small business? When you adopt a TV personality as a role model, it is only the image, not the person. You don’t know anything about what that person is in real life. Why should youths emulate sport stars and movie stars? Why not scientists and inventors? Why not entrepeneurs? Why not great artists and authors? What other people contribute so much to society that we can admire? Think of other examples. Sports stars may be rich and famous.
But that does not necessarily make them good people. Look how often they get into legal trouble? How many of them have unhealthy family relationships? If I were doing the speech, I would center it around the theme that famous does mean good. You can open and close with that thought and give examples of some of these athletes doing terrible things, such as steriod use, violence, and even rape. I’m sure you can dig up examples. Look at Lance Armstrong and Leon Spinks. Hope these thoughts help. Give a killer speech!

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