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Published: 2021-06-28 13:15:04
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Be able to explain the link between organisational success, performance management and motivation. 2. Be able to explain the relationship between performance management and reward. 3. Be able to contribute to effective performance and reward management in the workplace. 4. Be able to conduct and reflect upon a performance review. All activities should be completed Activity 1 In pairs or small groups, research and discuss answers to the following. Then provide written individual responses, in your own words, to each question.
Explain at least 2 purposes of performance management and its relationship to business objectives. 2. Identify 3 components of performance management systems. 3. Explain the relationship between motivation and performance management, referring to at least 2 motivational theories. 4. Identify 2 purposes of reward within a performance management system. 5. Describe at least 3 components of a total reward system, 1 of which should be non financial. 6. Explain the factors that should be considered when managing good and poor performance. 7. Describe at least 2 items of data, including 1 external to the organisation.
Explain the frequency, purpose and process of performance review. Activity 2 You are required to prepare and conduct a performance review meeting based on the scenario below: ‘You are a call centre manager with Botox UK who have an established six monthly performance management/review system which aligns to a bonus system. You are due to conduct a review meeting using that scheme with one of your staff who, after a five year period of hitting all sales targets, has only managed to achieve 50% of her target during the last six month period.
You are required to: Prepare for this meeting using the review form provided Conduct the meeting (15 minutes) Complete the review form Reflect on the outcomes of the review, producing a short statement (approximately 200 words) explaining your effectiveness in achieving this outcome, and how this could be improved on a future occasion. Your review meeting will be observed by your tutor and recorded using the attached observation record.

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