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Published: 2021-07-08 16:00:05
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Ashford Library has great value while conducting college level research. The Ashford Library, in my opinion, is a trove of valuable information. While searching for information in the library, you will find that Ashford is proprietary database, which is only accessible to someone who pays or belongs to an institution who pays. “The Ashford Library is not just one main database, but actually contains several” (Bowles, 2013). We will soon cover the variety of databases and their benefit, but first lets look at the difference between a scholarly resource and a popular resource.
A scholarly resource is a source of information that has been properly vetted by a scholar and/or and expert in that particular field. There has to be some sort of analysis and evaluation of the actual events or ideas, which make them credible. Most scholarly resources are coveted and carefully cared for, which is why the information is only accessible with payment or subscription. A popular resource is one that usually covers general interest, primarily to inform and entertain the public.
Its more focused on the culture and society, filled with popular opinions and beliefs (A few examples of this would be: Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, ESPN). Of the several databases included in the Ashford Library, I would like to focus on EBSCOHost. EBSCO is one of the world’s leading search tools for electronic journals and books (p. 162). There are over 4,200 journals in here with over 3,900 being peer-reviewed (or properly vetted), which make this a great asset when conducting quality research.
While in this database or any of the databases within the library, try to remember different techniques of Boolean searching. This will allow you to narrow the scope of your search. At work we use databases to conduct research and this is a very helpful tool, as it allows it to limit our searches to specifics. The most common, for us, is listing a keep word with quotation marks to find an exact phrase or term. In conclusion, with the quality resources available to me in the Ashford Library, I am able to perfect and hone my college level research and writing skills.

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