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Published: 2021-08-08 07:40:11
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Palmer paved the way for many golf players. His charisma and charm allowed him to set the stage for the popularity of golf, especially on television. Born in the small town of Latrobe, Pennsylvania on September 10th, 1929, Palmer learned to golf by learning from his father. He was the head professional and greens keeper at Latrobe Country club, allowing him to learn from his father. Palmer is one of the most distinguished golfers in the world to date, and his name is known on any golf course. He is renowned as the best golfer in the world, not only during the 1960s but also today.
Arnold Palmer has influenced society by bringing a sense of “commoner” to the golf course. Before Palmer, golf was a sport for members of “high society”, but that all changed after Arnold Palmer stepped on the golf course. In his own words, Sports Broadcaster Vin Scully had to say, “In a sport that was high society, he made it ‘High Noon. ‘ ” As previously mentioned, Arnold Palmer is the reason why we enjoy professional golf on television today. Before Palmer, viewers at home rarely watched golf, but due to Arnold Palmer’s charm and charismatic ways, television made great money by airing professional golf.
Perhaps the most important figure in Arnold Palmer’s life was his father, Milfred (Deacon) Palmer. Sadly, his father suffered from Polio at a young age, but this did not stop Milfred from teaching his son the game of golf. Being the head preens keeper, he was able to take child-aged Arnold to the golf course, teaching him form, technique, and even class on the course. Though these are important lessons, Palmer was taught an even more important lesson from his father: Never Give Up. Even though his father had a deteriorating disease, he buckled up and provided for his family.
It was this lesson that propelled Palmer’s career forward. In my opinion, Arnold Palmer’s greatest accomplishment is his entire legacy. Although he won 4 PGA titles, 4 Masters titles, and was featured on Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year, his legacy will live on long after these awards will. Palmer was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, making history by being the first to do so. He also has a golf course named after him, not far from where he resides. Arnold Palmer will live on as the world’s greatest golfer due to his barrier-breaking charisma.

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