Are Schools Promoting Sex by Teaching It in Schools?

Published: 2021-07-17 05:55:06
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Are Schools Promoting Sex by Teaching it in School? | | | | Teen pregnancy have risen sky high, STD’s are spreading faster than the speed of light, and sexting id done more often as a factor of knowing about sex. Sex is the attraction drawing one individual sexually toward another leading to sexual intercourse. Schools promote teen sex to their students by teaching sex in class. Although, sex is a part of the curriculum and is supposed to be taught to students, it’s being taught at the wrong time in life.
Because sex education is being taught at a young, schools are promoting teen sex and negative behaviors. Teen sex is promoted in schools and in classes’ every day because it is a part of the learning curriculum that is supposed to be taught in grade school, but at what age is it appropriate to teach students? Schools are teaching elementary school students about sex in the fourth and fifth grade to be exact( Brown, 2006). One parent says: “For elementary school students, the school is a happy place to play with friends.
Topics like sex and relationships have yet to enter their minds” (Mustaza, 2010). This makes it seem like teachers, more or less, want their students to know about sex, which should not be taught to elementary school students because children’s minds at this point and time frame are not fully developed or mature enough to know about sex. For middle school students, sex being taught only gets their minds wondering. It pops questions in their heads about the things they don’t know about sex and maybe what they want to know.
Kids are taught to death about all the bad things that can happen to them if they have sex” ( Bobkowski, 2009). They’ve said: “We’ve heard about sexually transmitted infections, we know you can get pregnant, but we want to know about the pleasures of sex and healthy relationships” ( George 2009). Teaching sex in schools progresses the mind to wonder about sex. If sex is going to be taught in schools, it should be taught in an informational way that doesn’t leave students with minds to pose questions or sex shouldn’t be taught at all to elementary school students.
Some teens live what they learn and others lead by example, but they all have a primary source of why they live to do what they do. Teachers today may be just a couple of years older than many high school students and could be an idol. A young teacher teaching about sex may be more effective to students rather that their fifty-three year old, grey haired teacher teaching them this. The word from the younger teacher is going to be like words from the wise. But are these words the wise, wise enough? Students at the teenage level may need someone to fall back on or depend on and it may be that young teacher.
Amirul, 14 years old: “At first the thought of learning about sex was a bore, but when we had coach Allen (22) I was all ready to learn everyday”( George, 2009). Students are more motivated to learn about sex now that they have a younger person in their life teaching the subject. This only makes the subject easier to the student s to learn, but harder to the teachers to teach them without getting the wires all worked up on students. But , Alan Harris said, the more educated someone is the more likely they are to make responsible and informed choice for their behaviors.
Sex education given by teachers at school is the most relabel way to give kids the right information about sex. In schools sex education information is give by professional and has be proven by many reports all over the country and world. The first formal attempts at sex education were introduced by a Dr. Arnold a schoolmaster at a public school. Dr. Arnold used the Bible to make the schoolboys fell guilt and scared of sex and masturbation. The nineteenth-century scare tactics books of Dr. Arnold were nothing like the sex book used by the sex educations teachers of today( 171). Some parents don’t approve of their children learning about sex in schools, but some do. For the parents that approve, how are the teachers teaching the students? Some schools, whether it is public or private, teach the students about sexual contact and conduct in separate classes. That’s right, some schools have separate teachings; they have the students’ parents sign a consent saying that they may teach sexual education in school and then separate the males from females and teach them about sex.
It sounds like a positive but in actual reality, in the long run it’s a negative according to Gandy: “Classrooms separated by gender offers different resources, different teaching methods, and other factors that create unequal living environment” (Gandy, Piechura-Couture, N. P). Meaning that, the students that are separated may learn a little bit more or a little bit different that what is on the standard list. Male may learn more about the females and how to arouse then and females may stay close minded to what males have in store or vice versa.
Teaching boys and girls at separate times only make them worry and wonder more about sex. Teaching a girl about her body and teaching a boy about his body makes the students ponder about the other gender. What teachers are teaching the students about sex are another negative effect. As well as teaching the students about their body parts and how they work and what they do. Jansen, a local shop owner, holds sex workshops for all teens (Geogre, 2009). In her workshops, Jansen urges teens to ask about anything and everything.
From masturbation, gender identity, and same-sex feelings to sex toys (which they keep on hand in case the subject comes up), why people like oral sex, and why should that particular act go both ways and she will answer the question as honest as possible(George, 2009). Holding these workshops are not the best way to break the ice about questions, it only gives them more conformation to keep asking these kinds of questions to eventually figure out what they mean or how they operate and participate in the act of having sex.
Teens should approach their parents with questions like these rather than a stranger. Sex should not be taught in school or outside of school either. Six year olds should learn how to spell their names, fourth and fifth graders should prepare to shift from one class to eight, and high school students should focus on getting a job or going to college; real world situations instead of sex. Teaching sex in the curriculum throws off all attention to anything else in life that students should pay more attention.

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