Are Expensive Clothes Worth It

Published: 2021-09-13 07:35:08
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When it comes to shopping at clothes store, it can really get expensive. From my personal experience, expensive clothing may look great, but is it worth the extra cost? Does it last longer? Sometimes expensive clothing can be over priced and not be worth the extra cost. I want it to last as long as possible. If there are better quality clothes for cheaper at another store, I’ll go there. Some expensive clothing brands are: Aeropostale, Hollister, Buckle, etc. For example, at Buckle, some of there pants are really nice and comfortable.
They put huge holes in the pants which makes them look like there ten years older. The big holes cause the pants to wear out faster. If the pants had smaller holes, they would last longer than the pants with big holes. Pants without holes will still last the longest. Some of the shirts at these clothing stores are plain looking and you could find a better looking shirt at Walmart. I think people buy expensive clothes because they want to dress all good so people would notice them. A lot of people buy them because it might be the clothes everybody else is wearing it.
To me I don’t think its worth buying expensive clothes unless you are going to wear it every time you get a chance to. The only time I would get expensive clothes is if it lasts long,or if it doesn’t rip,or dirty. Some brands put holes in it to make it look nice but they make the pants wear out faster. In some stores they have clothes that look weird and make people think about buying it. Some of the cheaper clothes look nice but some of them don’t. I go to the brands that I like and most teenagers go for the expensive clothes because its cooler or that’s what’s everybody is wearing.

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