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Published: 2021-06-11 18:40:03
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The social world is dramatically changing and rapidly evolving around us. Our communities have become a melting pot of people and cultures of the world, and our nation has been embracing in its communities a more diversified society where each unique individuals and their values and cultures meet and assimilate.
For that reason, diversity cannot be disregarded, that I believe it will play a very crucial role for the continued growth, vigour, stability and survival of any individual in the social frontier. Diversity encompasses culture, race, gender, religion, age, disability and career status and we should take all these into account and simultaneously safeguard as well in all our interpersonal relations and communications. We should always consider in our dealings with people their innate differences from the others. We should be aware that each individual have a unique personality, unique trait, unique dispositional perspectives, unique biological make up, unique level of intelligence, and unique value and cultures.
Diversification commemorates the differences in people. By being able to understand and celebrate the differences between ourselves and others, we not only achieve successes in our personal lives but in our professional lives as well. When we value diversity we simultaneously recognize the need for the affirmation of every person for the differences they manifest and bring. People have a diversity of personalities.
As part of this intermingling society we can not avoid or simply select the personality of people that we chance upon each day. But this should not be a reason to fret instead this should be a reason to appreciate and observe the diversity of social life. Although personality diversity would make communication and work coordination more complicated at some instances, it has its rewards.  Diverse groups that offer the more effort to appreciate and recognize the personalities of others, they tend to generate superior quality decisions than other groupings which are either standardized or have mismanaged diversity. Diversity enhances personal development and a more dynamic society.
Diversity defies stereotyped preconceptions; it promotes critical thinking; and it helps individuals learn to communicate efficiently with people of an assortment of backgrounds.  Diversity upholds one’s own cultural identity and enriches others’ cultural milieu. People learn to adapt to others’ culture for several reasons but one sure reason why an individual accepts others’ culture is that he or she sees how feasible and rewarding the exchange and sharing would be.
Diversity enriches experiences. We learn from people whose understanding, conviction and outlooks are unique and different from our own, and these experiences can be caught and learn best in a richly varied intellectual and social atmosphere. As you deal with a more diverse community you learn and enrich your experiences with the others’ as they do things in different ways and means. As you share your methods you are in effect enriching the experiences of others.
This mutual setting further strengthens the social landscape and a more cooperative and productive workplace. Whether we consider our own experiences as superior or not there are still a lot of ideas, opinions, perceptions and knowledge to discover from other people.  Furthermore, experiences learned within a diverse setting prepare an individual to become better citizens in a progressively more complex and more pluralistic society which fosters mutual esteem and cooperation and develops communities whose people are evaluated by the quality of their disposition and their contributions
Diversity promotes individual productivity. There should be no obstacle that would restrain a person from performing to his full potential without any condition. With a more diversified social environment, he is provided with the equal opportunity and privileges to live freely and happily in the community which he chooses or where he belongs.
With a community that upholds high regards to diversity, every individual will be given full recognition of his personal rights to economically and socially succeed regardless of what culture, race, religion or individuality that he belongs. Diversity upholds and promotes democracy in every individual. An individual whose democratic rights and privileges are affirmed he also contagiously affirm other’s democratic disposition. This creates a social setting which is democratic and free.
Diversity brings different perspectives in dealing with different circumstances. Different perspectives bring vigor and resourcefulness to our work, and lead to the excellent solutions for many problems in the work places. Any problem that pops up would be viewed in different angles and handled in different ways.
With diversity in place, we would achieve more effective and more efficient personal and interpersonal communication among individuals in a work group that would manifest to a more improved teamwork, coordination and success. This in turn amplifies creativeness and innovation in the area and a more enhanced problem solving capability. It achieves a greater opportunity for equality in the work place and a better overall staff well being and morale. No matter how much perplexities that would come but with diverse ideas and means of dealing with them, solutions would be more perceptible.
Lastly, as we embarked to a journey towards further globalization, diversification and the recognition of individual differences ensures our right and acceptance in the communities of the nations of the world.

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