Apple vs. Microsoft

Published: 2021-07-27 06:55:07
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Microsoft vs. Apple Comparison essay * Websites differences between Microsoft and apple, how they are useful and easy to use. * Both companies offer application software products * Apple for instance has iWork integrated productivity and Microsoft has it own Office suite of applications. * Each company manufactures and sells it own portable media player. Microsoft has the Zune HD and Apple has iPod touch. Both devices have 30GB storage capacity and can hold up to 7500 songs. * One important thing to note is, to compare these two companies, each company’s business revolves around different markets!!! Microsoft primarily makes its profits from business to business which mainly consists of selling licenses to its operating system to computer manufactures and office suites for enterprises. * Microsoft also sells to consumers as well.
They have consumer only product lines as well, such as Xbox gaming console, and of course home users also buy windows and Microsoft office. This means that their business targets pretty much everyone from home computers owners to developers and enterprises. On the other hand, apple is primarily a consumer company, and makes most of its profits selling hardware, likes its iPod music player and Mac computers, this makes apple a much cleaner marketing, selling and providing support for its product consumers. * Apple doesn’t have to worry about selling licenses to manufactures because they’re the only manufacturer, so the key purpose of the website would be to advertise and promote their multiple promote their multiple products lines, as well as selling them through their online store. Operating systems * The operating system is the main difference separating apple and Microsoft computers. Apple in 2009 introduced Mac OS X 10. 6 Snow Leopard. In 2009, Microsoft offered the operating system called Microsoft vista. However Microsoft had announced plans for release of the windows 7 operating system. Microsoft releases its operating system in different levels. For example vista home basic, vista home premium, vista ultimate.
Each different version if vista has more features. Also Microsoft sells upgraded operating system software which allows you to upgrade your current windows operating system for a lower price. Apple releases their operating system in one basic level. For example, the operating system snow leopard is only avalible in one version. This version gives mac users all the software apple offers in terms of an operating systems.

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