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Choose two settings from Ch. 9 of the text and list each setting. Then, complete the following tables. List five threats appropriate to the environment from the setting you chose. Rate the risk for each threat from 0 (low) to 10 (high). Then, list five appropriate countermeasures, including at least two countermeasures specific to physical security and one countermeasure specific to personnel and security management. Once you have completed the tables, write a brief explanation of each countermeasure, stating how the countermeasure reduces the risk associated with that threat. Setting 1: Hospital
THREAT RISK COUNTERMEASURE Probability Criticality Total Example: Information theft 4 7 11 Employee screening, limited computer access, and computer monitoring Infant abduction 4 8 12 Matching electronic monitoring bracelets on infants and parents. Security alarms in newborn area of hospital. Have visitors sign in and out before allowing access. Assault on Hospital Employees 4 7 11 Security officers in high risk areas; ER, psych ward. Have another hospital employee enter patient rooms. Proper training for diffusing high tension altercations. Blood borne diseases being intentionally spread 5 8 13
Make sure medical staff has proper protective clothing at all times. Properly dispose or store such materials. Limit access to hazardous materials. Pharmaceuticals being stolen 5 8 13 Employee drug screens, and have narcotics locked up so patients have no access to them. Limit access to narcotics room. Bomb threat 3 7 10 Armed security officers patrolling perimeters of hospital. Security cameras inside and outside of hospital. Execute evacuation plans. Setting 2: School THREAT RISK COUNTERMEASURE Probability Criticality Total School shooting 5 8 14 Report all suspicious behavior to school administration.
Armed security guards at all entrances. Metal detectors at all entrances. Bomb threat 3 7 10 Armed security guards patrolling perimeters of school. Take as much information from bomb threat call and give to authorities. Security cameras installed. Theft 5 6 11 Keep sensitive materials and electronic devices behind a locked door. Sensors and alarms on school laptops and other electronic devices. Security guards at entrances checking bags. Drug use 4 6 10 School officials being able to administer random testing for student of interest. Security cameras installed in suspicious areas of school.
Each student enters through a checkpoint at being of school day. Bus fatalities 4 7 11 Bus driver pre-screening. Random drug testing. Be sure all passengers on bus are wearing seat belts. Infant Abduction Electronic monitoring bracelets on infant and parents would cut down on infant abductions. Assault on Hospital Employees Having the visual deterrence of an armed security officer may cut down on assaults on employees. Blood Borne Diseases Being Spread Having a limited access to the designated area where such hazardous materials are stored and proper disposal methods are a great way to eliminate the threat.
Pharmaceuticals Being Stolen Limited access to the designated area is a great countermeasure to determine who could be taking the drugs. Bomb Threat Employees obtaining as much information as possible and giving information to police can lead to the arrest of individual who made the threat. School Shooting Having metal detectors at entrances is a great deterrence and countermeasure. Bomb Threat Employees obtaining as much information as possible and giving information to police can lead to the arrest of individual who made the threat.
Theft Much like a store (Walmart) marking electronic devices or desirable materials with sensors is an inexpensive method for cutting down the theft numbers. Drug Use School officials being able to order a drug test on a student they suspect of drug use can be looked at as deterrence against other students who may choose to use drugs. Bus Fatalities An extensive back ground screening would give the school administration the proper information so they don’t hire someone with a drug problem or bad driving history.

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