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Published: 2021-09-12 15:05:10
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Document 2 proves that as the Green Revolution increased the population as well as food supply from 1950 to present date. If you recall from 1930-1945 there was a stop to the growth of food supply and population because of the Great Depression and World War 2; when the Green Revolution began in 1945 little by little food supply began to show growth and populations expanded meaning that many countries especially the United States and Germany that were greatly affected were able to prosper and use the Green Revolution as a way to continue expanding.
Germany, United States, and multiple other countries’ economy were able to flourish and become among the most important countries. This document is a form of a non-biast opinion that clearly state true facts and is not defending either sides; it is proving the growth. Document 3 is an opinion of a person who has truly been able to see the effects of The Green Revolution; Harry Truman is making a reference to peace-loving people meaning that he believes that his country can become a better place by the new innovations which are ways in becoming into a united country and family.
Harry Truman’s point of view is a reference to a biast opinion because it is the opinion from someone whose job to make it seem as if everything is sugar coated and everything is perfect meaning that his motive is inspire his country. According to Document 5 in Punjab the Green Revolution was the ignition to a spark that would lead to the uprise of competition and demonstrate the ability to create new technologies.
Document 6 is a proven form of the luxurious lifestyles that farmers had in distinct areas in which the Green Revolution made a big impact on such as Mexico. Mrs. Dula is a high-ranked woman in society who shares a very optimistic point of view about the impact the Green Revolution believes that the Green Revolution has had a positive consequence on multiple farming families in Mexico. Documents 1, 4, 8, and 10 all prove that the Green Revolution had a negative consequence on the economies of many countries as well was a way in which their roots were removed.
Document 1 is proof that once the Green Revolution started it brought a continuous progress of the wheat yields. The wheat yields were more common in Mexico than in India but due to all those wheat yields many jobs were lost meaning that many families had to find a different job. It is not very easy to start from the beginning when all you do is plant wheat. One thing you should take into account is the point of view of the source because it is a non-biast opinion and so the graph is based on true facts.
Document 8 points out that in Punjab where the Green Revolution was said to cause prosperity but, by the over using of the multiple plants the consequence resulted into a negative effect and so caused more problems concerning water supply. Dr. Vandana Shiva, the source of this document posses a unique point of view because he is an ecologists and so deeply believes that the Green Revolution was a form of exploiting nature and increasing the conflicts between other farmers whose land was damaged by the Green Revolution.
Document 10 proves that other civilizations such as the Mayans and the indigenous people were negatively affected by the Green Revolution; as a cause of the Green Revolution the consequence was that their seeds got contaminated meaning that a little big part from where they were from were lost and so as firm they stood they were not able to defend them. The Guatemalan National Committee of Indigenous people point of view expressed in this document is of interest because it is a voice of very frustration and doubt and so would like the way the lower social classes are treated to improve.
Document 7 and 9 are both examples of the perspectives in which the Green Revolution made both a positive effect and a negative effect. In the positive perspective of Document 7 the Green Revolution as a cause was a major impact on the technology and so as a consequence it brought multiple social benefits. The negative perspective of the Document 7 is that women were forced to work and so also take on responsibilities that men usually do. The source of this document posse a unique point of view because it shows the way women’s role has increased little by little.
The positive perspective of Document 9 is that the Green Revolution caused aspirations and as a consequence changed the way life was lived. The negative perspective of Document 9 is that the green Revolution caused peasants to be the main state. One should take into account the point of view of the source because it is a biast opinion from a government official meaning that he likes to brag about the improvement of their state. Both Document 7 and 9 are examples of the Green Revolution which caused abnormalities and as a consequence they were able to continue.
Another additional source that would be useful is a map. A map would be useful because it is a way to trace the expansion of the Green Revolution. By tracing the expansion of the Green Revolution you can see the impact it has on all types of societies and from where directly the revolution started. A map is also a source of rich history and as so is key to identifying the place where the Green Revolution had the major impact. A map creates a sense of direction and a way to direct yourself and go along with a sense of guidance.
The Green Revolution is a revolution in which has changed the way society plays out and the way we live out. It is also a form in which many new ideas have spread across and influenced multiple societies. For example Punjab which the Green Revolution brought both a positive consequence and negative consequence; the positive being that through it caused the encouragement and aspired many to work for something and not to be conformists and to work for something better and the negative effect being that it caused multiple problems with farmers and so the use of water became a very common conflict.
The Green Revolution is also a way every society whether good or bad was able to develop and so become into more close and united. Whether positive or negative the Green Revolution made an impact on millions of people and was the start of a new era that till present date changes.

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