An Insatiable Emptiness

Published: 2021-09-11 23:45:10
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The length of the piece This is a short read, and I have set twenty minutes aside to work on it. I could probably read this in five minutes but I am setting an extra fifteen minutes to re-read and take notes along the way. 2. The Title, “An Insatiable Emptiness” The title may suggest that the author will be talking about how much she enjoys revering in her misery. The title can be way of saying that she is struggling deep down inside psychologically.
The title may suggest that she is writing about her desire for more of what she knows is bad but has a deep need for whatever it may be. It can also mean that she is depressed and suicidal, perhaps even a drug addict. Does this mean that she weathered the storm and is now better today? 3. The author, Evelyn Lau Evelyn Lau is a writer who was born in Vancouver. She has done work such as written poetry, books, short stories and even autobiography’s. Lau is an acclaimed writer whom has won awards such as the Milton Acorn Poetry Award and nominated for the Governor’s General Award.
Her first book, Runaway: Diary of a Street Kid (1989) was a Canadian best seller and was made into a CBC-TV movie. Her latest book, Inside out: Reflections on a Life So Far, was published in 2001. Her small biography shows her to be a woman who is strong willed and has been through a lot. This may be an indicator as to what I will be reading, which may be an autobiography about her and perhaps her struggles with drugs. 4. The source of the article This is one of Evelyn Lau’s personal journals which appeared in one of her novels: Georgia Straight (1995). 5. Visual Cues to meaning
There were no bold or italic words throughout the whole article, so, I read the first paragraph for visual cues. Through the first paragraph I see that Lau will be talking about her battle with bulimia and how it all started and what the results of her making critical decisions are now. I also see that she learnt how to make herself vomit easier by reading it in a woman’s magazine. This could suggest that the woman’s magazine played a hand in making her a full fledged bulimic because before she read it she “inexpert” and having troubles making herself throw up.
Since this essay is an example of a cause and effect essay I believe that through reading the first paragraph that the author will likely be going through the process of her becoming a bulimic and the effects of it now. 6. Create a road map for your reading? Who did she hurt by doing this to herself? What were the causes and effects of her actions? Where did she go for help, if she did? When did this all happen to her? Why didn’t she get any help before it all got out of hand? How did she deal with her illness?

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