Amylase Trials

Published: 2021-07-03 21:40:05
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Based upon your experimental results, write a paragraph discussing the relationship between environmental conditions and enzyme function. *There are many environmental factors these may include temperature because if its too cold the enzyme would still work but it would work slowly and if its too hot the enzyme will become denatured. As the temperature increases, the kinetic energy of the molecules increase so they move around more meaning that there are more collisions between the enzymes and substrates molecules and therefore more reactions.
Ph is a factor because the different types of enzymes work best in different pH environments, a change in pH interferes with the shape of the enzymes active site (where it bonds and reacts with substrates) and therefore does not fit the shape of the substrate as well so the enzyme is unable to work on the substrate. Also changing the concentration of enzyme and substrate concentrations will affect the number of collisions between them and therefore the number of reactions.
High fever can be a very dangerous condition for anyone, as it is an indicator of a serious infection. Based on this project, suggest a possible explanation for this medical concern. *Fever is often a response to an infection, illness, or some other cause; the hypothalamus may reset the body to a higher temperature. The substances that can cause fever are called pyrogens, which can come from inside the body or outside the body.
Salivary amylase and pancreatic amylase are released by two accessory organs of the digestive system. In what structures do the enzymes actually chemically digest food? Based on the information you have learned about the digestive system, describe the optimal pH for the action of pancreatic amylase. Do classroom experimental results seem to support this finding? Why might there be differences?

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