Amul Ice Cream

Published: 2021-08-27 17:50:07
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Amul indulges in lot of CSR initiatives like safeguarding farmer interests, developing regions near their factories etc, they can ask the government to provide them with excise duty concessions keeping in view the above.
5. It should adopt a different positioning strategy for its premium segment so that it is able to break the stereotype and perception of the Indian consumers about Amul being an economy class product.
6. Amul should come up with advertisements and promotions which focus on its ice creams brands or flavours.
7. It should increase its procurement channels so as to cater to the growing demand of ice creams. . Amul should reposition itself in such a manner so as to create more uses for its products so as to remove the perception from the minds of the consumer that it is only meant for occasion buying. It can take a cue from Cadbury which repositioned itself as an anytime consumption product ( Kuch Meetha ho jaye!! )
9. Amul should enter the global market with its competitive advantage of being low priced. Global markets are crowded with ice creams in the premium segment; Amul can hit on this weakness to get a hold on foreign markets.

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