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Published: 2021-07-30 05:35:06
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Complementary medicine treatments have increased in the last years as an alternative way to treat some illnesses due to the fear that people feel with mainstream medicine and its consequences. But has this kind of medicine the power to cure all diseases like cancer or AIDS? We find some advantages that make us trust in alternative medicine. Firstly, herbal medicine brings us a lot of benefits for our helth. For instance, there are some researches that show marijuana infusion is very good for cancer because it reduces the terrible effects of chemotherapy. Secondly, hypnotherapy is very effective in the case of phobias.
In the case of people who are frightened of flying, with this therapy they will overcome this fear. And finally, chiropractic is a new wave of medicine for people who have back problems. In the case of a strained muscle, chiropractic really works due to the fact that massaging the damaged area muscles tend to relax. On the other hand, there are a lot of disadvantages that make us think that this medicine is a trick. Mainstream medicine is far more effective treating serious illnesses. In the case of AIDS it is neccesary that the ill person takes everyday his tablets in order to prevent another illness.
Some alternative medicine only works because of the placebo effect. If you have a broken bone, I don’t belive that aromatherapy works, perhaps it could make you feel better. And the worst thing, some alternative medicine can actually be harmful. If you go to a false chiropractor he could damage your neck. To sum up, alternative medicine has advantages as a treatment of mild diseases and a support of serious illnesses. On the other hand, it could have terrible consequences if you do not go to a good doctor. On balance, if this kind of therapies are good for you go on, without forgetting that it is vital to go to a real practitioner.

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