All My Sons Character Analysis

Published: 2021-08-25 01:25:09
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He is married to his money-obsessed and cynical wife. Sue. Jim is a good neighbor, looking in on Kate when she’s ill, picking up George, and looking for Chris. Jim’s main quality that separates him from the other characters is his lack of independency in his actions. He ultimately his wife’s slave and must conform to her wants, returning home and becoming a practicing doctor after she wished for him to do so. Jim doesn’t make his inner feeling known and makes no judgments of others.
He feels lost, and even says, “It’s even hard sometimes to remember the kind of man I wanted to be” (Miller 3. 25). Ann is the daughter of Steve Deever, former neighbor of the Kellers, as well as former fiancee of the dead Larry Keller, and the current fiancee of Chris Keller. She returned to live with the Kellers at Chris’ request. Even though she is young, Ann knows what she wants and her display of independency and obtainment of desires is her main characteristic. She turns her back on her father when he was convicted during the business scandal and moved to New York and got a job.
During her stay at the Kellers, Ann has no problem going against the denial stricken, fierce, and older Kate, openly saying, “You made Chris feel guilty with me… I’d like you to tell him that Larry is dead and that you know it. You understand me? ” (3. 86), during one of their arguments over Larry. Ann is the only character throughout the play that accomplishes her goals. Chris is Joe Keller’s son and is described as being in his thirties, passionate and loyal. These are his most defining qualities. Throughout the play, he is known for trying to diffuse the situation and is the most emotional character.
He doesn’t tell his mother the fact that Larry is truly dead and that she must move on, for this appeals to his passionate side and refrains from deeply hurting his mother. Chris tells Ann that no one in the neighborhood remembers the old crime to make her feel more comfortable and tries to calm and befriend Ann’s hostile brother George when he arrives. Sue describes his passionate feeling about the war to Ann, and Jim describes him as, “Chris would never know how to live with a thing like that. It takes a certain talent… for lying. You have it, and I do.
But not him” (3. 21) on the topic of lying. At the end of the play, Chris feels that he must redeem and boring justice to the dead pilots, and that his father must go to jail. In All My Sons by Arthur Miller, relationships with others are crucial aspects of the play. Even though many of the characters gave similar characteristics, several of them have qualities that greatly differ from those of the others. The traits of Dr. Jim Bayliss, Ann Deever, and Chris Keller, in particular, support Arthur Miller’s concept of, “We are all separate people. ”

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