Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Published: 2021-06-13 09:00:04
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Introduction alcoholism is characterized by the compulsive and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol; it may develop as a habit or a way of releasing some tensions like stress. Tracy (2005) The prescribing of the drug that is Naltrexone will be of very high importance to the people who take alcohol because it will reduce the desire of taking alcohol. Such drugs will help the addicted person to reduce alcohol intake.
Alcohol has side effects and people who are addicted with alcohol are most likely to have side effects on its regular intake. Alcoholic people get much addicted and there is that craving they have on alcohol, it is true to say that there is a content of alcohol that makes them need to drink more and more. Hence the introduction of the drug will have a positive impact on the people who take alcohol.
Alcoholism is a symptom of a problem, because it develops as a result of a driving force that is making a person need to drink, survey has shown that when people are likely to be stressed they end up looking for alcohol so that they can give themselves an a specific time to forget about what is stressing them, there fore it is true to say that alcohol is a symptom of a problem.
Since alcoholism is a compulsive way to regular drinking of alcohol most people develop this habit because it has developed in them such that with or without stress they have to drink alcohol, therefore they have the craving nature of alcohol, alcohol has some of the contents that make the people drink regularly and due to this it can be said it is a symptom of a problem, the drug that has been invented will be possibly be responsible for dampening this response reaction that triggers someone to drink.
Tracy Sarah (2005) Alcoholism in America: from reconstruction to prohibitation.

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