Accommodating the Needs of Designated Students

Published: 2021-06-12 16:10:03
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This research paper will identify landmark cases in the areas of student code of conduct,  exceptional needs, and First Amendment rights.
The impact of these cases on contemporary education will also be explained.  Furthermore, this research paper will include the responsibilities of schools to accommodate the needs of  designated students as well as how these accommodations  negatively affect the learning environment. Over the last few decades, in Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, increasing numbers of higher education teachers and researchers have been concentrating on how to improve the quality of teaching and learning.
First of all the Educational leaders must be well informed of  the laws that keep an  eye on the function and management of educational institutions. This is very important  to be done in this regard. Furthermore, there is a need that the educational leaders should   implement good judgment in creating reasonable and legally defendable decisions  that  concern students.
Educational leaders will also need to direct the  development and  implementation of reliable and well-developed policies, rules, and regulations pertaining to students. The Bill of Rights characterizes an essential foundation of individual  rights and freedoms given to individuals under the US Constitution. The Constitution of  the  US,  which is a principle source of  law, imparts an outline of law in which governmental  processes function.
Although the Constitution does not refer to education, the Constitution and Supreme  Court decisions, do influence the function and management of educational  organizations, altogether with respect to amendments, that safeguard the individual rights of student. Furthermore school administrators have a responsibility to develop an appreciation for  the significance of  landmark cases and be able to recognize similar patterns of  fact  that  one may encounter in an educational setting.
In  order  for  any essential  improvements to be accomplished within any educational institute. All individual involved must commit to their improvements. At present, various educational institutions all through the country are attempting whole-school reform, which necessitates considerable modifications in teacher, and administrator actions utilizing the federal funding.
Impact on Contemporary Education
An implication concerning student code of conduct is that school officials are not liable  for harassment claims unless he or she were aware of the behavior and failed  to  respond  accordingly. However, if students are aware of such behavior, the difficulty might  be  for  school leaders to claim ignorance to the behavior and therefore be susceptible to liability  charges.
Landmark cases contain judicial opinions and manage issues in a proper routine that should a permanent part  of educational settings. School officials must appreciate  and  comprehend the importance of these cases to  education. Legal concerns frequently  mentioned in landmark cases include the application and safeguards of First Amendment  rights, student code of conduct and managing students with exceptional needs. Laws  exist to protect the rights of designated students and the school districts responsibility to  these  kind of students.
Landmark Cases concerning Student Code of Conducts
Harassment is a type of sexual discrimination. In a landmark case, the Supreme Court  ruled that public schools might be sued for failing to contend with students who  harass  their classmates. The Supreme Court also specified that lawsuits are applicable only when the harassing student’s behavior is severely bad, persistent, offensive, and denies  the victim equal access to an education. In addition, harassment claims are valid  only  when school officials are noticeably unreasonable and intentionally indifferent toward  the alleged harassing behavior.
The student, LaShonda Davis, who is black, filed  suit  against the school district in 1992 claiming that school officials failed to take action  concerning harassment by a white student, but later  took action when the same  student  offended another white student. Reasonable suspicion is all that is required for school  officials to initiate a search. The U.S. Supreme Court has decided that when a  school official is conducting a search under reasonable suspicion in school-related searches, he  or she is not violating any constitutional rights.
In the landmark case, New Jersey v. T.L.O. in the year 1985 a teacher revealed two girls smoking in a girl’s restroom. T.L.O, one of the students in the restroom denied  the  allegation while her companion stated that she violated school rules. The  assistant vice  principal insisted upon examination of the girl’s purse and found a pack of  cigarettes.
At  the time, the assistant vice principal also noticed a pack of rolling papers typically associated with the use of marijuana, and with this evidence of  drug use, the assistant  vice principal thoroughly examined the purse. Numerous indications of not only  drug  use but the sale of drugs was obtained from the purse.

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