Accepting change

Published: 2021-10-12 17:05:26
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Accepting Change Change is something that is constantly occurring in our lives. Not a single moment goes by when everything in our lives will remain consistent. Indeed, it has become apparent to us that the only thing which in fact survives change is change itself. Change is a natural process that cannot be easily stopped or controlled. However, it is solely due to the unpredictability that change promotes in our life that has overtime allowed the connotation of change to become negative.
We should learn to mbrace all forms of change that occur during our life in an optimistic manner, simply because it molds us into becoming more compassionate individuals, and allows us to realize that it is only through the embracement of change that we can embark on a fulfilled Journey through our life. Accepting change makes becoming an understanding and tender person a lot easier. No matter how much somebody tries, change cannot be stopped.
When somebody decides to accept the change that is occurring in his life, he is looking at the big picture from an optimist’s point of view, hus searching for the positive of the current change and doing his best to focus on those aspects of it. His focus is being scoped on the right things, thus allowing him to be happier than somebody who looked at change in a pessimistic manner. This happiness, due to the change, allows room for compassion in his heart.
Very few people can still show their care and love for someone, when theyre feeling broken inside or lacking the needed happiness and optimism needed to be tenderhearted. However, accepting change can lead to happiness which could ultimately lead to the hange of heart of somebody and mold them into a more compassionate and understanding person. We also cannot enjoy the beauty and complete Journey of life if we refuse to accept change.
For example, when somebody has a loved one pass away, he will most likely do everything in his power to try to block the change that is occurring in his life, and often times, he will go into a state of denial. Resisting the change, in the long run, will Just hold him back from his full potential and cause him to not appreciate the time and events at hand simply because he’s too busy being orried about the current change that Just happened in his life- something he cannot change.
Depending on the situation, he may not take the time to be thankful for the ones that are there for him and may possibly regret it later. Before he knows it, something else will change dramatically in his life, and he’ll be too caught up in worrying about the past change, the lost of his loved one, that he won’t be able to enjoy each stage that occurs in his life because it’ll be too late. Looking at change in n optimistic manner, no matter how horrific the change may be, will allow anyone to go through life in the most fulfilling way possible.
Change is unstoppable and will always be. Changing the way we perceive change can and will bring many positive attributes to one’s life. Beginning to cling to change in the most optimistic manner possible will lead to future happiness, allow the complexities of life to be fulfilled and the enjoyment felt, as well as change the hearts of the ones that need it most into more caring and compassionate people. accepting change By gailcurtis

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